10 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

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    There’s a big difference between offline marketing and online marketing. When you create an offline marketing campaign, you’re planning for it to stick around for a while.

    A digital marketing campaign, however, isn’t so stagnant. Nor should it be. For one, search engines, especially Google, are constantly updating their rules and regulations.
    And it’s also far easier to make course corrections for digital marketing strategies. If you have a Facebook marketing strategy, you can’t just put it out there and forget about it.

    A good digital marketing strategy should constantly be in flux. But sometimes we need help to know when marketing plans and strategy changes must be made. With that in mind, here are 10 signs you need to update your Facebook marketing strategy.

    1. A Good Facebook Marketing Strategy Should Help You Get Customers, Not Just Visitors

    If you owned a restaurant and people came and sat down but didn’t order anything, you wouldn’t consider your business to be a success. The same is true with your Facebook marketing strategy.

    Your goal is to convert visitors into customers. If you’re not doing that, you aren’t succeeding.

    Try tracking your visitors’ on-site behaviors. That will allow you to analyze the results to see what changes you need to make.

    2. You’re Too Focused on Selling

    Imagine someone constantly bombarding you with messages to buy their product or service. Most of us are instantly turned off by overly zealous marketing efforts.

    Your digital marketing strategy should be focused not on selling, but rather on producing quality content. They want content they can relate to.

    You can obviously post ads promoting your products but your marketing strategy shouldn’t just be just ads. Try doing a soft sell that gives the reader quality content as well.

    Try building a community of people on your Facebook page rather than just looking at them all as customers.

    3. Outdated Website

    Part of your Facebook marketing strategy should be about driving traffic back to your website. That’s where people go to purchase your products or services.

    But if your website doesn’t look like it’s connected to your Facebook page or it just looks old and tired, it’s going to turn people off. Your website and your Facebook page should work together to generate leads.

    Make sure your website makes a great first impression.

    4. You Don’t Know Who Your Niche Customers Are

    You can’t sell to everyone. At least, not effectively. Instead, your goal is to figure out who your niche customers are.

    And Facebook is a great venue to not only figure out this information, but it’s a great platform to easily find these niche customers. Figure out the age range of your typical customer.

    Find out what their hobbies are and how much they earn. Determine where they spend their time and money. The more you know about these niche customers, the easier it is to market to them.

    5. Your Brand isn’t Part of Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

    Branding is everything these days. Even if you own a small business, you still need to set yourself apart from your competition.

    Facebook has over 1.47 billion active daily users on its site. There’s a lot of information being shared and you need to find a way to shine through all of that.

    Branding helps define your company. And branding should take place across all your marketing platforms, from offline efforts to everything you put out there on the digital stage.

    6. There’s No Marketing Plan at All

    Many people wonder, “why is a marketing plan important”. A digital marketing strategy is necessary for a few reasons.

    First, if you don’t know where you’re going, it’s hard to get there. A plan helps you determine what your goals are.

    A marketing plan also helps you determine if you’re reaching those goals or not. With no plan, you could end up wasting time and money and not even realize it.

    7. You’re Ignoring Feedback

    The whole point of Facebook marketing is to get people to engage with your brand. That often comes in the form of feedback.

    While positive feedback is always welcome, negative feedback does have its own benefits. If used properly, you can use it as a way to improve the way you do business.

    Maybe there’s a design flaw you can improve. Maybe your customer service needs overhauling.

    But if you ignore it, especially the negative feedback, it works against you. People think you don’t care and they won’t want to do business with you. Don’t ignore people, even if you disagree with what they say.

    8. Your Posting is Inconsistent

    Imagine walking into an auto body shop only to find out there’s no one there to fix your car. Sometimes they’re open but often, they aren’t and you have no idea when they’ll return.

    No one wants to do business with inconsistent companies. It doesn’t matter if it’s online or offline.

    Make sure you’re posting on a consistent basis. Figure out the best times to reach your core audience. Create new content weekly to send out.

    You can also post content that’s not new since there will always be new people to your page. But you need to post something.

    It’s also possible to set up a posting schedule ahead of time so that you don’t need to focus so much time on your Facebook strategies. Go ahead and learn how to use that feature.

    9. The Posts Don’t Include Photos or Videos

    Facebook marketing isn’t a book. People want and expect to see images.

    Post photos along with your content. Try not to use stock images but rather, take them yourself or hire a professional photographer.

    But you also need to include videos as well. And that’s because video posts on Facebook have a 135% greater organic reach than a photo does. And that number is only expected to rise.

    Help yourself by making sure your photos and videos are properly set up for SEO to maximize their exposure.

    10. You’re Not Paying for Facebook Ads

    Yes, you can do a lot with Facebook organically. But if you aren’t taking advantage of Facebook ads, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

    With as little as $1 per day, you can take advantage of their ads. It’s easy to set up a great ad and even easier to find the right target audience to send those ads to.

    Best of all, you can easily track their performance and make changes whenever you need to. Your best bet is to have both organic and paid ads on Facebook and then integrate them for best results.

    Get Help

    Running a company is time-consuming. Maybe you have a Facebook marketing strategy but don’t have the time or talent to implement it.

    Maybe you just don’t want to learn a new skill. Whatever the reason, we can help. Contact us and we’ll help you devise a winning Facebook marketing strategy.

    About The Author:

    Chris Kirksey

    Chris Kirksey

    Chris Kirksey is the CEO of Direction, a digital marketing agency reflecting the culmination of a 15+ year obsession with digital marketing. It all started with an eBay business at 9 years old, then transitioning from domain investing and website building. After a 6-year US Army career leading intelligence collection teams both in the US and overseas, Chris now brings a sophisticated approach from cryptologic language and adversary data intelligence to digital marketing intelligence. His precision and planning of military campaigns, now reflected in digital marketing campaigns, have proven successful for clients in industries ranging from law firms to technology startups.