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BREAKING: Google to Cover 6 Months of SEO at No Cost to Local Businesses

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SEO-AOK Program 2022

In an unprecedented move by any search engine, website company or even visionary start-up, Google announced today that it would be covering complete costs for Search Engine Optimization for up to six months for any local business interested in participating in Google’s freshly launched “SEO-AOK” initiative, after the attempt at creating their own SEO agency failed miserably.

“This whole search thing really took off in a way we never expected,” said newly appointed Director of Search Box Operations for Google Edwin Seetherson.

“Everyone uses Google. But not every website on Google is optimized for everyone searching. And instead of us improving our search engine further, we figured, why not just improve the results in our engine? The Google Algorithm isn't even complex, and local businesses should really give it try."
google aokseo leads
Edwin Seetherson
Director of Search Box Operations @ Google

As part of the SEO-AOK program, agencies are able to apply as a Google-approved SEO vendor.

The application process received both praise and backlash from many agencies.

While many agencies simply turned down the offer due to having to give up company shares to Google in exchange for joining the partner program, agencies who were close to closing down shop jumped at the opportunity in leaps and bounds.

In benchmark tests of the SEO-AOK 6 months of free SEO program, there were some very exciting results.

As a pilot example, we worked alongside Seetherson, using a local website in Muskegon, Michigan.

The company, “Bart’s Plumbing & Septic Services,” has been in business for over 70 years – but only had a website for the last 6.

Once Bart engaged with a Google SEO-AOK approved agency, things rapidly changed.

Here are the results:

Increased Rankings for Long-Tail Keywords

Users searching for the exact phrase “Bart’s Plumbing & Septic Services in Muskegon, Michigan United States of America” were pleasantly surprised to easily find their website on page 14 of their Google search. Prior to working with an SEO-AOK approved agency, they were on page 15.

barts plumbing rankings

Local SEO Boosts

Users searching for “plumbing services near me” within Muskegon quickly found Bart’s business, via the top listing on page 1 – though it was to their Yelp! Review page which boasted a single one star review. Upon further inspection, the review was actually intended for a now closed taco shop in Detroit. Yext swears they have nothing to do with it, and they wouldn’t respond for comment. But they did tweet up a storm shortly thereafter…

yext tweet

Extremely Transparent Reporting

All backend reporting from Google’s transparent SEO-AOK dashboard showed the conversion of over 37,050 new customers during the first 2 months of the trial – though when speaking to Bart he noted “We’ve only ever had 108 clients in 70 years, so that sounds a little suspicious.”

call reports scaled 1

“This is just the beginning,” boasted Director of Search Box Operations for Google Edwin Seetherson. “I imagine a world where in just 8-10 years every business is on page one of Google. Literally an endless scroll of one page, every business on the planet will be there. What a world it will be! Technology!”

By engaging in the new program, local businesses receive the following benefits:

aok company

Local Businesses will receive a complimentary “GOOGLE IS AOK WITH ME” sticker for their business door to let incoming customers know their SEO company is a certified Google partner.

Local Businesses get to sign an exclusive agreement with Google noting they will no longer work with any other search engine, freelancer, or any social media platform until further notice.

Six months of free “foundational” SEO, with a required 1-year extension contract with low, low, best in industry pricing of just $40,000 per month after the first six months.

“SEO is just the beginning,” smiled Seetherson.

“I envision a world where we can offer complete client digital services. Imagine if you could hire a Google LOCAL-SEO-AOK agency to actually manage your Google Business Profile account! That’s something to consider. Maybe even adding in a premium tier where we have AI automatically responding to reviews on your behalf! Now that’s what the client’s want!”

jasper review
Screenshot of This is not an ad and we do not get paid for this, we just enjoy jasper and thought they deserved a shout-out.

As of press time, Seetherson has stated his intentions for the first world-class SEO partner: “I’m really excited to announce we’ll soon be taking over SEO for web crawler search engine Ask Jeeves. After 6 months, when someone Google’s Ask Jeeves, I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised to see them on the top of the list, just behind Lycos.”

SEO-AOK services from Google. April Fool’s!

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