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6 Ways You Can Dominate Your Area With Google Local Service Ads

google local service ads

What if your business could absolutely dominate your local competition?

In an increasingly global world, it can be difficult to reach local audiences who can help you grow your business. But with Google Local Service Ads, you’ll have a small army of locals at your door in no time flat.

Wondering what these google local service ads are and how they can benefit your own business? Keep reading to discover the answer!

What Are Google Local Service Ads?

We’ve prepared a killer guide to help you understand what Google Local Service Ads can do for your business. First, though, we need to explore and define what these ads really are.

The short answer is that Google Local Service Ads are the third category of search results. You are probably accustomed to the two primary kinds of search results: organic (also known as SEO) and paid search (also known as PPC).

Local Service Ads, though, appear when you are searching for specific local industries. Before Google shows you any paid or organic results, it will show users information about selected local businesses.

From there, users can check out Google Reviews, business hours, business address, and phone number. And if users look this information up via smartphone, they can call the business with the touch of a button!

Why Is Local So Important?

At this point, you might be a bit skeptical. Are Google’s Local Service Ads really that important to your business? To answer that, you need to understand the importance of local search results.

Research from Acquisio recently yielded a crazy statistic. A whopping 75% of local search results end with someone visiting a local store within 24 hours!

This makes sense because users typically make local searches when they have an urgent need. Who makes a search for something like local pest control or local handymen? People who have a problem that needs solving!

And, needless to say, local search appeal is one of the best ways to bring local customers to local businesses. Instead of customers ordering a similar product or service online, Local Service Ads convince them to visit your physical store location.

That’s why Local Service must be part of any robust digital strategy.

Industry-Specific and Location-Specific

By now, you probably have a really simple question about Google’s Local Service Ads. “What’s the catch?”

Right now, the primary catch is that the ads are limited to certain industries and areas. And while that list of industries and areas is certain to grow over time, the unfortunate truth is that some businesses cannot take advantage of this service.

So, which industries can currently be featured via local service ads? Check our list below for the full breakdown.

As of this writing, these Local Service Ads work for electricians, garage door mechanics, HVAC professionals, locksmiths, and plumbers throughout the United States. There are many more industries that are compatible with Local Service Ads in selected areas.

The more selective list includes air duct and appliance mechanics, auto glass and auto service technicians, carpet cleaners, event planning professionals, handymen, and home cleaning and improvement specialists.

Additional industries include junk disposal, moving, painting, pest control,  pet care, photography, roofing, tree servicing, and tutoring. Finally, upholstery experts, water damage professionals, and window cleaners and services are selectively compatible with Local Service Ads.

Right now, Local Service Ads are limited to certain metropolitan areas of selected states. However, the ads were once limited to only California. In time, these local ads will be like Google itself: absolutely ubiquitous. 

Check Yourself (Before Google Wrecks Yourself)

Let’s say you have a compatible industry and you’re ready to take advantage of Google’s Local Service Ads. There is still one more hurdle you must cross: the background check!

Don’t worry too much about this part, though. The background check itself is pretty basic. The main focus is to see if the business owner has participated in any serious criminal offenses.

On top of that, the background check looks into anyone you have working for you. The main goal of such a check is to make sure all of these people are legally employed by you.

Additionally, Google will need to verify that your business has the proper liability insurance. If either the background check or the insurance check fails, it can jeopardize your ability to use Local Service Ads.

Now that you know more about how the system works and how you can qualify, let’s dive into 6 of the main ways that these Local Service Ads can help you dominate the competition.

1. Understand The Rank Signals

Despite how different these local ads are, your essential goal is still the same. You want your business to be the first thing that shows up when a user completes their search.

How do you pull that off? By understanding and implementing some simple lessons regarding rank signals.

One part of the rank signals that you can’t fully control is proximity. Google is naturally going to show users results that are closer to them rather than further away. Similarly, Google is going to show users businesses that are open at the time of their search.

You can control other factors, though. For example, Google ranks businesses that are highly responsive higher than others. Similarly, they favor businesses with high scores on Google Reviews. Finally, preference is given to businesses without any serious complaints against them. 

By maxing out the factors you can control, you’re guaranteed to be high in rank on customer searches.

2. Flash That Google Guarantee

Have you ever wondered what the real power of Google is? While they dominate lives with everything from their search engine to Youtube to Google Maps, their true power goes far beyond an app.

Their power is public trust. When people need to search for something, the overwhelming majority use Google. Similarly, these people trust Google to help them reach their destination with Google Maps or even play their favorite tunes via Google Home.

Why is that public trust important to your own business? By using Local Service Ads, your business benefits from the Google Guarantee.

Basically, Google guarantees the quality of every business featured in its Local Service Ads. If a customer is unhappy with a product or service, they can get a refund from Google.

Because customers trust Google, they will trust you. And the reassuring “Google Guaranteed” message will help draw more customers to your business. Make that “Google Guaranteed” part of your marketing and branding and you’ll quickly stand out from your competition.

3. Trick Out Your Business Bio

Google Local Service Ads provide a lot of information to customers upfront. This includes your Google Guaranteed badge, user reviews, contact info, and so on.

Additionally, customers can click a button to get an expanded company bio. And this gives you a chance to really dominate the competition with your qualifications and accolades.

You can include plenty of handy information on this page. That includes your standing with the Better Business Bureau, your current certifications, and any other achievements that your demographic will find meaningful.

Remember, cautious customers, want to find out as much as possible about a company before they make a call or visit a store. By putting your best foot forward in with your company bio, you can demonstrate your superiority to the competition. 

4. Encourage Customer Reviews

One of the prominent features of Local Service Ads is the Google reviews of that business. While this is intended to provide relevant info to customers, it also provides a unique opportunity for your business. And both the quality and number of these reviews determine how highly your business ranks in customer searches.

Businesses of all sizes understand the power of the user review. Modern audiences rely heavily on online reviews before they spend their money. In the age of digital advertising, online reviews function as the new “word of mouth” advertising that customers implicitly trust.

You can get better results from Local Service Ads by encouraging customers to leave a review. From in-person conversations to digital marketing, don’t be afraid to ask your customers to leave positive feedback.

Doing so helps you dominate both your local competition and your Local Service Ads.

5. Master the Lead Management System

Google Local Service Ads make it very easy for mobile users (also known as the majority of your customers) to call your business. And this provides you with a great opportunity…assuming, of course, you understand how to use Google’s lead management system.

Google’s dashboard breaks down calls into 3 basic categories: New Leads, Active Leads, and Booked Leads.

New leads are customers that have called but have not gotten an answer (such as someone who calls after hours–don’t forget to respond to them ASAP). Active leads are those you have spoken to and booked leads are those who have an appointment within the next week/ 

Within the system, you can store and access relevant customer information. Such info ranges from their name, location, and needs all the way to the conversations you’ve had.

You need to store as much information as possible for each customer. By turning this lead management dashboard into a simplified CMS, you can provide each customer with quality service and the kind of “personal touch” that your competition cannot offer. 

Google Local Service Ads: Dominate and Win

Now you know the power of Google Local Service Ads. But do you know who can help you take full advantage of this service?

We specialize in digital marketing, web design, SEO, and more. And we’re prepared to put your business on the map as you have never imagined!

To see how we can help you dominate your competitors, contact us today.

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