To improve our customers lives by increasing their sales, and helping their businesses grow more efficiently. This, in turn, helps all of the people they serve. We do this by leveraging advanced internet marketing tools and data to place our customers in front of their target audience when they’re needed most, directly growing their bottom line.

This Isn’t Our Work, It’s Our Passion

Direction Inc. is committed to helping business owners tackle the challenges of an increasingly digital world. We partner with hard-working business owners, help them increase their visibility online, and ultimately, drive more leads and sales by revamping their online marketing efforts.  

Direction Inc. was founded in 2016 by US Army veteran Chris Kirksey. Over the last two years, what started as a couple of guys and MacBooks has grown into an award-winning SEO and digital marketing agency that helps business owners achieve their goals every day.

We love seeing our clients grow, break into new markets, and hire more employees. We love when our clients start taking more vacations, buying more equipment, and opening up new locations.

When our clients win, we win. And winning is something we’re all very passionate about.


We make your business more money, and have a blast doing it. Utilizing a full suite of internet marketing tools, advanced analytics, uniquely structured content, mind-blowing web design and graphics, targeting and retargeting, we ensure that our clients are in front of their target audience at all times. We then closely monitor the brand, market and competition – closely. Through research, we identify trends and leverage opportunities to help our clients succeed above their competitors. Unlike so many internet marketing companies, we carry the proper certifications, tools, and human resources necessary to offer a truly comprehensive solution to your search marketing needs. Our team works harmoniously with account managers to bridge all communication gaps, so our clients enjoy exceptional support.

Your vision and needs always come first; which is why we don’t offer cookie cutter packages. Every service we offer is custom built around you – the client. We’ll help explain the technical definitions, narrow down and unveil the best options for your business and be there for you long after your campaign is initially launched.

The Direction Inc. Executive Team

Chris Kirksey President of Direction Inc.

Chris Kirksey

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Director of Operations

Eddie Choi
Chief Operating Officer

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Nick Mennell
Digital Media Director

Anya, Senior Designer

Anya Fasolyak
Senior Creative Director

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Jessica Lee
Marketing Communications Manager

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Sarah Kirksey
Content Marketing Specialist

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Angel Gonzalez
Senior Developer

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Madison Petitto
Corporate Sales Executive

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Alex SEO

Alex Miles
Creative Strategy

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Jack marketing

Jack Hurley
Web Designer

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Ashley Candon
Marketing Assistant

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Because Why Not

We love to have fun. Check out how we create laughs while giving back to causes we care about:

Does Your Marketing Need Some Direction?

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