Write it Right: The Top Copywriting & Landing Page Tips for Google Ad Success

how to optimize your landing page and ad copy for optimal conversion rates
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    You’ve Heard The Terms: Ad-Copy, Conversion Rates, Landing Pages

    Write it Right: The Top Copywriting & Landing Page Tips for Google Ad Success 1

    But do you know how to get the best possible conversion rates? How to maximize your ad spend? Yes, there are a plethora of options out there. Today, we’re going to focus on my two personal favorites (and arguably the most effective).

    great example of a landing page for digital advertsising

    1. Optimizing Your Landing Pages


    how to write ad copy that converts

    2. Writing Your Best Ad Copy

    Those of you running Google Ads already know that they can be a great way to get new customers in the door.

    Those of you who aren’t, well, your competitors are profiting off of it while you aren’t, right this very second.

    Did you know that 87% of consumers begin their search online?!

    Did you also know that Google owns 74% of the search engine market?!

    That’s some serious market share. And that’s a whole lot of shoppers in one place.

    With an average of 2.3 million searches performed in Google every second, your business can and should be bidding (or working on ranking organically) for those searches.

    Needless to say, Google Ads can be a very effective way to market your business online. But your ads won’t be effective without properly targeting your audience with specific ads. And not just keyword-specific ads. Ads that speak to them, addressing the whole reason they made the search.

    Sure, setting up an ad account requires large amounts of ad groups, headlines, landing pages and more. It’s easier said than done. But let me tell you… it’s worth it. This is your money we’re talking about here. Every penny matters. And guess what? These people have already decided that they’re interested in your products and services.

    It’s time you stop handing those people to your competition.

    Just How Optimized is Your Google Ads Account?

    Write it Right: The Top Copywriting & Landing Page Tips for Google Ad Success 2
    Google Ads Platform

    There are many factors to analyze while looking at your Google Ads account. Start by asking yourself:

    • Is your Ad simple to understand at a glance?
    • Does it have a call to action that mirrors the searchers’ end goal?
    • Does your Ad contain benefit statements on what makes you different?
    • Do you have proof-of-trust such as ratings on your Ad?

    However, no matter how well you construct your Ad, there’s still another important factor in play. Where does your Google Ad lead the user who clicks on it?

    Write it Right: The Top Copywriting & Landing Page Tips for Google Ad Success 3
    180 Closet Design Landing Page Design by Direction Inc.

    If your answer was not “to a landing page,” I’m going to take a wild guess and say that your ad account could perform better.

    Maybe you’re wondering: “Why do my competitor’s ad(s) rank ahead of my own right now?!”

    And maybe you used a competitor advertising spy tool to see what they were doing and you came to find out that they’re paying less money than you are.

    About 20% less than you are.

    Write it Right: The Top Copywriting & Landing Page Tips for Google Ad Success 4
    SpyFu – competitor ad research tool

    Wait a minute – how does that make sense?

    Why should you have to pay more money for an ad that ends up in a lower spot?

    Don’t despair. We’ve got you covered.

    It’s time you put your money to its best use.

    It’s time you nailed your ad copy, and your landing pages.

    It’s time you attract new paying customers daily.

    Let’s get started on the fun stuff.

    Landing pages!

    You have only seconds to capture your audience’s attention and get them to convert.

    You don’t want to be sending people to your homepage. That gives the website user access to countless pages through your header and footer – it’s confusing and it’s too much information.

    It’s not what they originally searched for.

    The user is looking for a simple solution based off of what they searched.

    Apart from the user, little Google Bots called crawlers read your ads. And just like the user, these bots search for a connection between the key search terms and your ad.

    These bots will crawl your website and all of its pages, crawling further and further away from the original key term the ad is supposed to be about. This causes your website to be read as confusing and irrelevant.

    You’ll now be paying a higher cost-per-click (CPC) and finding your ad drop in position. Otherwise known as: receiving a low-quality score.

    Create ad-specific landing pages.

    At least, that’s if you want to see your CPC drop and your sales increase.

    Stop Making Mistakes: 6 Key Factors to Creating Compelling Ads & High-Converting Landing Pages

    Now that you know your Google Ad shouldn’t lead to your website, let’s talk about 6 key factors that go into constructing awesome Google Ads, achieving top ad spots and rock-bottom CPCs.

    1. Just Do It. Create Compelling Call-To-Actions (CTA)

    Less is more.

    You want your ad to quickly lead users to a page with a compelling call to action. A page where they can buy your product. Or, if you provide a service, ensure that it’s too easy to contact you.

    And whether it’s a product or service, you should have a chat or contact form on the landing page so that the user can engage with you.

    East Coast Launchpad is a great example:

    Write it Right: The Top Copywriting & Landing Page Tips for Google Ad Success 5
    Landing Page Design by Direction Inc.

    You’ll notice how the phone number is located in the top right corner of the page so that users can click to call right away. You want those calls coming in!

    This simple style looks great and takes people right where they want to go. You don’t want your users to jump through hoops on different pages of your site, you want them to get to you!

    2. Provide Product & Service Details

    We also talked about providing a simple list of your services that let your users know that they’ve clicked-through to the right place. Throw in a nice picture to draw the user in and keep them on your page.

    In addition, a checklist is also a nifty addition to any landing page; now the user knows that East Coast LaunchPad is the best place to go for a seamless food truck start up, they provide custom-built trucks, menu, and even business planning. Are you hungry yet? I am. I love food trucks.

    Write it Right: The Top Copywriting & Landing Page Tips for Google Ad Success 6
    East Coast Launch Pad Landing Page Content by Direction Inc.

    Notice how East Coast Launch Pad goes so far as to provid another call to action right next to the information so that the user can get right where they need to go from anywhere on the landing page!

    3. Set Yourself Apart, Set Your Ads Apart

    What is it that makes your business the best choice in your industry? In the case of East Coast Launchpad, it’s their ability to provide a detailed walkthrough, modular designs, comprehensive service contracts, and business development options.

    There’s a bunch of companies that can build you a food truck. But this one offers me business development, menu planning, and more? Sign me up!

    Write it Right: The Top Copywriting & Landing Page Tips for Google Ad Success 7
    Silver Tax Group Landing Page Graphics by Direction inc.

    You want your users to look no further and chose you for their specific needs whatever they may be. A simple design like this lets Google and its users know they’ve come to the right place.

    4. Flaunt It if Ya Got it: Establishing Credibility For Your Ads & Landing Pages.

    Let users know that they have not only come to the right place, but they have arrived at the best place ever!

    Write it Right: The Top Copywriting & Landing Page Tips for Google Ad Success 8
    Beaufort Air Conditioning Landing Page by Direction Inc.

    Customer testimonials prove that you are exactly what the customer is looking for. Plus they look great and boost the users’ trust in your product and vision for what they are about to purchase.

    5. Copywriting for Google Ads – MASTER IT

    You get a short, 30-character headline to grab a potential client.

    And, you’ve got about 2 to 4 seconds to do it. That is not a lot of time to close the deal.

    Only the most well-written ads can manage it.

    So, it makes sense that you’d want to write the most appealing headline and ad text possible.

    If you’re not a writer, you might feel like you’re out of your league.

    The good news is: you’re not. Follow and implement these copywriting tips to help you on your way to ad-copy success

    Copywriting Tips for Winning With Google Ads

    The goal of your Google Ad is to hook the customer. To bring them to your landing page so they can buy your product. To do that, you need to convince them to click.

    Write it Right: The Top Copywriting & Landing Page Tips for Google Ad Success 9
    Picture Above is a Blog on Copywriting Tips from AdEspresso

    But, you only get a few short lines to say what you need to say. Every word counts.

    There’s an art to writing such a concise ad. If you don’t know it you’ll be throwing away your advertising budget.

    Don’t waste your precious funds. Instead, learn how to write ad copy the right way.

    The Keyword is Key

    You’ve got such a short time to hook the customer, and so few words to do it in. Make them count!

    That’s why you need to select the keyword or phrase that identifies what you’re selling. And, what your customer is searching for. They need to be an identical match to best connect you with your customer.

    Think about your product. What specific words would someone type into the search bar to find it? That’s what you want as your keyword.

    Narrow your description down to two or three specific words. If you feel lost, don’t worry. Google has a fantastic keyword planner tool to help you out!

    Write it Right: The Top Copywriting & Landing Page Tips for Google Ad Success 10
    Picture above is from a Wordstream Blog Post

    The right keyword is the key to getting your ad in front of the right people. Now, where should you put it?

    It’s All in The Headlines

    You get two headlines in a Google Ad, Header 1 (H1) and Header 2 (H2).

    Header 1 is the first thing your customer will see. It’s a good place to put your keyword if it is eye-catching and sells the product fast. It needs to state the end goal of your customer.

    Do they want to buy a used car with no down payment? The headline should be BUY USED CARS WITH 0% DOWN! Numbers in the headline help sell the product.

    Write it Right: The Top Copywriting & Landing Page Tips for Google Ad Success 11
    Photo above is a blog post from our favorite landing page software: Unbounce!

    Header 2 backs that claim up. Add something that sells the product even further, like EASY IN HOUSE FINANCING.

    Your Last Chance: The Ad Text Below the Headline

    This is where you sell your product, but you only get 80 characters to tell the story. What you say helps you outrank your competitors, so make it count.

    It’s a good idea to include the keyword here. Even if you used it in the header. Write the ad around the keyword and make it flow.

    Talk to the Customer – They’re Human Too

    Keep it simple. Speak right to the customer in your ad. Use the word ‘you’ and ‘your’ to get the point across.

    Put a deadline on it. Limited time offers and low quantities sell products fast. It motivates your customers to click and buy before it’s too late.

    Make the product relevant and popular. Use numbers and statistics to show how valuable and wanted your product is. This makes the customer feel more comfortable with following the link.

    Stop Being Basic & Write with Specifics, Address Pain Points

    Use specifics to set your ad apart from the competition.

    You’re telling the customer one thing: to stop searching, now.

    They’ve found the only place they need to go for what they want.

    Pro Tip: Write a quick description of your product or service. Now, circle the words that best describe it the way a customer might search for it. Put them together in your ad in a way that makes sense.

    Use Data in your Headline Ad Copy

    People understand numbers. It’s a measurable way to figure out what you’re getting for your money. Especially percentages and statistics.

    So, start adding numbers into your headlines. It highlights the benefits your customers will enjoy if they buy your product. Or, how much money they will save.

    Showcase Deals, Discounts, and Special Offers

    Offering customers a deal or discount? Put it in your ad! Use percentages or specific dollar amounts that are easy to understand.

    Put a deadline on it, too. Nobody wants to miss out because they procrastinated.

    Highlight the deal with words like ‘now’ or ‘act fast’ to encourage some urgency. You want to tell potential customers they won’t want to miss out.

    This should go without saying: Don’t lie.

    Don’t offer any kind of special deal or discount with no intention of following through. It’s bad business. As a result, people will give you poor reviews and you’ll lose credibility.

    Call Them To Action

    What do you want the customer to do? How do you want them to do it? That’s what the call to action is all about.

    Give your customers a little push! Write a motivating call to action at the end of your ad. Encourage them to buy today or shop at your website.

    Tell them how to contact you. Should they call or message you? Let them know!

    It’s time to jump to the top spot of Google ads, you guys. Also, remember that less is more. When Google reads your Ad and sees that it is providing users with the best experience you are going to see results and higher rankings.

    So remember, do not just lead users to your website; bring them directly towards a page specific to what they were searching for, and have a solid call to action.

    Show your users the exact services that your business can provide for them, and match it to the keywords in your descriptions.

    After letting your users know they have come to the right place, flaunt your reputation because you are the best out there. Let them know you’re ready to provide the best services online and in person.

    Remember people are searching for you online right now! They are using key terms to look for your products and services, so take them to a landing page.

    Take them to a solution. Your solution.

    It’s Never Too Late: Write Your Best Google Ad Copy, Now!

    It’s a few words that make a big impact.

    Your Google Ad can stand out from the competition.

    It’s time to rank high and pay low!

    Follow these ad copywriting tips, optimize your landing pages, continue your education on the subject and before you know it, you’ll be on the way to Google Ad greatness!

    Looking to have the pros do the heavy lifting and boost your revenue online? We’re here to help. Get in touch with us today!

    About The Author:

    Chris Kirksey

    Chris Kirksey

    Chris Kirksey is the CEO of Direction, a digital marketing agency reflecting the culmination of a 15+ year obsession with digital marketing. It all started with an eBay business at 9 years old, then transitioning from domain investing and website building. After a 6-year US Army career leading intelligence collection teams both in the US and overseas, Chris now brings a sophisticated approach from cryptologic language and adversary data intelligence to digital marketing intelligence. His precision and planning of military campaigns, now reflected in digital marketing campaigns, have proven successful for clients in industries ranging from law firms to technology startups.