Provide Your Website With Full ADA Compliance

The Website Accessibility Solution with Full ADA Compliance

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Website Accessibility Compliance is No Longer Optional

More than 20% of Americans do not have equal access to the web. Conditions like blindness, blurred vision, cognitive disorders, or epilepsy can result significant hindrances—if your website isn’t prepared. Worldwide, that number may be even higher.

Websites that aren’t accessible to this population face a significant problem. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) applies to websites, as well. Since 2017, businesses have been served with 150,000 accessibility demand letters. More than 90% of them settle out of court; the rest typically lose their cases.

It doesn’t have to be that way. With Direction Compliance, you can make your website compliant with relevant regulations, while increasing and improving access for your audience.

Is your website WCAG compliant?

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Direction Compliance: AI-Powered Web Accessibility

Web accessibility is complex, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Work with us, and you’ll get an AI-powered machine-learning web accessibility solution available on the market. It scans your website regularly, making adjustments as needed to keep your site accessible over time.

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Built For the User: The Accessibility Interface

As soon as our tool goes live on your site, your visitors will begin to see the accessibility interface. It’s a simple tool that allows them to adjust content size and spacing, design, navigation, and even animation. A perfect self-help tool to ensure compliance.

AI-Powered Web Accessibility

What users don’t see is the machine learning-powered engine of the tool itself. It picks up on graphics, layout choices, images, and content. This includes any new pages, posts or other types of content that you add to your website.

That knowledge is then converted into screen reader and keyboard navigation adjustments, along with improvements like dynamically inserted alt text. All automated, with frequent scans.

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The Process: Automated and Simple

When it comes to accessibility, you don’t have time to waste. On top of potential legal fees, brands with non-compliant websites are losing billions in potential revenue. So what if we told you that with our tool, you can make your site accessible in 48 hours? 

Here’s how the process works:

The ADA Compliance Details: Global and Current

Website compliance tends to be complicated by the fact that guidelines and regulations differ by country. Our website accessibility and compliance tool scans for global compliance, focusing on 4 major guidelines:

Other guidelines, regulations, and standards with which our tool complies include CVAA, RGAA, ATAG, and much more.

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