The Technicalities Behind SEO: How to Use AI Systems in SEO

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    There are many ways to optimize your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns, but there’s one way in particular that’s having groundbreaking results. Using artificial intelligence (AI) to drive SEO campaigns is becoming the latest and greatest technology businesses can use for marketing. But you need to know how to use AI so you can achieve the best results.

    AI is important to business SEO campaigns. Other SEO applications can also help provide business marketing success that’s measurable. Using AI systems for your SEO campaign comes with specific technicalities that are good to learn before moving forward.

    The informational guide below provides details on AI and SEO, and how to harness the two effectively to build powerful marketing campaigns.

    The Technicalities Behind SEO: How to Use AI Systems in SEO 1

    Technicalities Behind SEO

    SEO continues to evolve and change from month to month. But in the past couple of years the technical indexing algorithm updates and changes have been dramatic. For the time being, Google focuses on rewarding websites that develop relevance through its content creation. 

    Technical knowledge and aptitude used to help businesses grow in the search result ranking system. Google’s current algorithm rewards content that’s shared on social media vs. SEO’s that used to be a technician and technology-driven strategy. Yet technology is still needed, and it’s used as the core foundation for content creating and sharing. 

    The technicalities behind SEO that help your business grow in rank while optimizing your marketing impact are:

    • Keyword relevance used in the content 
    • Referral links
    • Social Media Impact
    • How well your content integrates with Google services
    • Crawlability factor
    • Website user experience
    • Website content creation and publishing

    Even how often you update your content will impact your SEO rank so how do AI systems play into the SEO equation?

    The Technicalities Behind SEO: How to Use AI Systems in SEO 2

    How to Use AI

    AI may have started in science fiction novels and movies, but today AI is used in everything from self-service grocery lines to self-driving cars. Digital marketing and SEO are also using AI at unprecedented levels. In today’s competitive marketing world, you need to know all that AI provides businesses and how to use them effectively.

    The use of AI in content creation and marketing strategy reaches the audiences your business wants with the results you need. That’s because AI can find your business possible new customers based on your current customer information. AI can then help you create and shape a strategy that provides a message channel that reaches new possible customers.

    New customers that already want and need your product or service. Using AI for content creation with a cohesive marketing strategy is the solution in finding the data you need so you can impart your message shaped by what the customer data revealed.

    The Technicalities Behind SEO: How to Use AI Systems in SEO 3

    AI Personalization and Customization

    Is there any such thing as a commercial on TV or an internet advertisement that doesn’t personalize their message based on what you searched for on Google? Or what movies and TV shows you watch? Or even where you live, how much you make, and what job you have?

    Almost every marketing campaign today personalizes their message as much as possible to your needs and wants. What’s more, consumers want to feel like the companies they buy or visit care enough to have content that’s customized to them. AI is the only way you can obtain and use consumer concerns and needs. 

    AI acquires this knowledge through smart personalization engines that recognize customer intent. It then uses the customer’s intent by the business, meeting the customer’s needs. This enables your business sales, with the results being an increase in your sales and profits.

    In 2019, a research study found 86% of companies get high ROI if they used 21% of their marketing budget on AI personalization strategy.

    The Technicalities Behind SEO: How to Use AI Systems in SEO 4

    AI and SEO Growth

    Almost all SEO campaigns rely on AI, advanced analytics, and tracking technology. All of those items have to be leveraged to optimize your website visitors and turn them into customer conversions. Search engines use smart technology to process and help your business in page rankings.

    The relevance of keywords, links, metadata optimization, updating and creating new content frequently makes a difference in your ranking. Google estimates that by 2020, 50% of searches will be voice-based with AI technology, providing translation, processing, and research. The research will tell you what’s needed by the consumer. Google modifies and upgrades its search algorithms, which also adjust to the consumer’s new way of searching online. Using topically relevant anchor text for all your internal links can also improve the ranking of a particular page.

    It’s a prime example of how search engines like Google are using AI to provide targeted and sharper results. Google is doing this with a greater variety of communication channels, methods, and tools to meet what consumers need.

    The Technicalities Behind SEO: How to Use AI Systems in SEO 5

    AI for SEO Marketing Improvements

    AI helps SEO for companies in so many ways it’s hard to provide details on how each of them is provided and what each result implements. It’s important to understand all the marketing through AI SEO optimization are provided by intelligent content tools and applications.

    Marketing agencies can help you with AI and SEO tools like tracking analytics, which give you the AI machine learning strategy you need for success. AI now comprises a fair share of digital marketing and is critical for the success of any SEO content strategy campaign. It’s your AI strategy that gives you accessible and customized customer content through:

    1. Streamlined marketing
    2. Product Responsiveness and Personalization
    3. Data on customer demographics, locations, and purchase history
    4. Weighted value on your SEO message impact, and more

    Every AI data point uses the best of smart technology and matches it to your customers need or want for a product or service. 

    AI and SEO

    Your Next AI Step

    Your next AI step should be to use a company that provides AI collection of valuable data and customer insight to what provide your company with SEO success. You want to be able to increase your company’s website traffic and convert those visitors into paying customers. How to use AI effectively can make the difference in the success or failure of any SEO marketing campaign.

    You now know how AI and SEO are growing as a competitive marketing vertical. SEO marketing and AI are now interlinked for optimizing the greatest results in business through marketing success. The advancements being seen through AI and SEO campaigns have unlimited value.

    Don’t let tomorrow come and go without giving your business every chance it deserves in growth and development. Reach out to us when you want to take your company into the future of AI and SEO marketing success. 

    About The Author:

    Chris Kirksey

    Chris Kirksey

    Chris Kirksey is the CEO of Direction, a digital marketing agency reflecting the culmination of a 15+ year obsession with digital marketing. It all started with an eBay business at 9 years old, then transitioning from domain investing and website building. After a 6-year US Army career leading intelligence collection teams both in the US and overseas, Chris now brings a sophisticated approach from cryptologic language and adversary data intelligence to digital marketing intelligence. His precision and planning of military campaigns, now reflected in digital marketing campaigns, have proven successful for clients in industries ranging from law firms to technology startups.