Creative Director 


Anya has a BFA in graphic design from Boston University and is fluent in multiple languages. She is a thoughtful and empathetic designer who strives to think about people as humans, not users. Anya designs user interfaces that aim at simplifying technological experiences and is responsible for creating all the images and graphics that really help our clients stand out. With a keen eye for aesthetics and an eagerness to please, Anya is integral to our clients’ and our teams’ ongoing success.

What's Anya Doing After Work?

Anya describes herself as “shrouded in mystery,” but if you press the issue, she’ll crack. In her off time, Anya also enjoys gardening, or escaping the house to explore new hiking trails. She also enjoys reading fantasy novels, attending concerts, and “other shenanigans.” We aren’t sure what that means, but we’ve decided that some mysteries are best left unsolved.

Connect with Anya

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