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The AoFu Framework: Supercharge Your Content Marketing and Boost Your Revenue

Picture of Julia McCoy
Julia McCoy

President, Content At Scale AI

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One of the biggest factors that drive business growth is trust.

The more your customers trust you, the more they buy from you and recommend your brand to their network.

That’s why earning consumer trust is crucial to winning in business.

But the way brands earn trust has shifted—forever.

Today’s consumer trust is leaning more toward small businesses than mega brands.

This is the era of the small business owners.

But for you to take advantage of this shift, you must create content that attracts the right prospects, builds you up as an authority, and helps you earn trust.

I know what you’re thinking:

“It takes many pieces of content to achieve that.”

But what if I were to tell you that it doesn’t?

Before I get ahead of myself, let’s back up and take this from the top.

The Traditional Content Marketing Funnel is Broken

One of the biggest problems many small businesses face is creating content that helps grow the business.

The thing with most “best practices” is that they only work for a while. And once everyone starts using them, there’s no way to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

I’ve seen and experienced this in my over 12 years as a content marketer and business owner.

And one of the outdated practices is how we approach the traditional content marketing funnel.

One of the biggest problems many small businesses face is creating content that helps grow the business.

old funnel vs new funnel seo

After a lot of studies and experiments, I’ve realized the traditional marketing funnel is no longer as effective as it was before.

A few significant drawbacks I’ve been seeing with this funnel include: 

  • The bracket problem: The traditional content marketing funnel brackets people into the ToFu, MoFu, and BoFu brackets. Bracketing your prospects into these 3 stages results in your content missing the mark. It won’t fully satisfy your prospect’s needs.
  • The temperature problem: You’ve probably heard of leads being referred to as cold, warm, and hot. Creating content for cold, warm, or hot prospects will not only cost you more time and effort but also dilutes the impact a single piece of content can have.
  • The touch problem: Does it always take 8 touchpoints for a prospect to convert? Not really. Sometimes all it takes is a single, strategically crafted blog post to convert a lead. 

These three problems can be overcome by using my new method of creating content that pushes both the marketing and sales needles.

I call it All of Funnel (AoFu).

What is AoFu (All of Funnel) Blogging? A Definition

My new approach to blogging, All of Funnel (AoFu), has emerged from over 12 years of studying under the best content marketers and conducting my own experiments.

Instead of dividing your blog into ToFu, MoFu, and BoFu categories to target specific stages of the marketing funnel, AoFu encompasses all stages of the funnel in a single blog post.

new funnel seo

It also nudges readers to take any action you define as a conversion, depending on your goal and business model.

By adopting the All of Funnel (AoFu) framework, you can provide comprehensive answers and solutions in one blog post. Each piece of content becomes an informative, conversational, and conversion-focused resource. This approach streamlines your blogging process while ensuring that your readers find everything they need in a single place, fostering a more engaging and satisfying user experience.

AoFu blogging has helped me develop a framework I use to create content that’s earned me thousands in revenue. One blog post earned me a four-figure-plus purchase (think $2,500+) from a brand-new lead in a few days.

(Take that ToFu, MoFu, and BoFu!)

aofu cash money

What are the Benefits of AoFu Blogging?

AoFu is a revolutionary framework I believe will transform and grow your lead and revenue generation forever. Let’s briefly look at how adopting the AoFu framework will benefit you:

One Blog, Multiple Touchpoints

Do you really need multiple blog posts to lead prospects down your funnel and convert them to customers?

Absolutely NOT!

With AoFu, a single blog post can do all that.

Using the AoFu framework, you can create one blog that caters to every lead’s needs. A single blog post that can attract, inform, and convert readers.

Don’t worry. This may sound like a daunting task but anyone can do it! This is especially true if you leverage powerful AI writing tools.

All you have to do is create your blog posts as you normally would and add persuasion elements like:

  • Credibility-building phrases
  • Stats and facts
  • Personal branding
  • Strategically placed CTAs

These persuasion elements transform your blog post from being merely informational to being conversion-focused.

Save Big On Your Marketing Budget

Many small businesses don’t have the budget to create tons of marketing and sales content. This is another area in which the AoFu framework comes in handy— you don’t have to spend tons of money on content.

Instead of focusing on three stages of the funnel, AoFu uses a one-size-fits-all approach, thereby helping you cut down the resources, time, and effort needed to create your content. 

Improved Conversions and Higher ROI

AoFu focuses on creating blog posts that inform, educate, and sell. Because your blog posts are conversion-focused you can quickly turn a browser into a customer. This results in higher conversions and better ROI for your content marketing. 

Supercharge Your Content Marketing with the AoFu Framework

The AoFu framework is a powerful blog writing tool you should embrace. Particularly if you’re a small business on a budget or a decision maker leading a lean marketing team, this is your best bet to compete with bigger brands.

Remember, brands that fail to evolve when there’s a shift go bust (ask Blockbuster, Kodak, and many more). As a small business, this is your shot at capturing a bigger portion of the market and grow your brand.

But that starts by creating the right kind of content to generate leads and drive sales. It starts by embracing the AoFu content.

FAQs About the AoFu Framework

The AoFu (All of Funnel) framework is a blog writing framework created by Julia McCoy that encompasses all stages of the traditional marketing funnel. 

Benefits of the AoFu framework include higher conversion rates, better ROI, and increased revenue.

While you may not necessarily need to re-learn content writing, you may want to get up to speed on how to write AoFu-focused content.

Keep Up Your Content Hacking & Go Change the World

AOFU is a unique approach, and it was coined by me in my continual search for real and deep ROI from the content marketing we publish

It’s high time we not only reach our ideal people, but in deep, authentic ways that will have them ready to go all in with us–and soon. Because we live in an era where people are searching. They want what you have to offer, and they’re waiting for you to present it correctly.

I’d love to help you in your journey. I’m always on my own journey discovering the latest “content hacks,” recommending and inventing ones that are backed by integrity and data. To follow my journey, sign up for the Content Hacker blog newsletter.

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