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Become an authority in your industry by acquiring quality links - the building blocks to great SEO. ‌

Why are backlinks important? Backlinks are how Google finds new pages. Think of them as Google’s reputation tool. Just like we’d use a map to find our way to new cities, Google uses backlinks to find, & index pages on your site. Backlinks give your site a better chance of being found quickly, leading to faster and higher rankings. Google wants to point searchers to the best possible result for their query. Search Engines won’t point searchers in the direction of a site nobody talks about. With backlinks, we make the talking about your business happen, building your brands reputation. We build links based on a strict criteria, with a time-intensive process:

  1. Identify a powerful, industry-related website
  2. Reach out and pitch topics
  3. Agree with the publishers on a topic‌
  4. Create a high-quality article with a link to your site
  5. Have our editorial team review the content
  6. Send the content to the publisher for publishing

We’ve been perfecting digital PR tactics for years, and now have access to thousands of editorials! Our strategies are highly successful, backed with data on driving website rankings, providing your brand with an impactful edge & dominating online presence.

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