BrightLocal Replacement Service for $60/Month

Want A Superior Alternative to BrightLocal?

Frustrated dealing with BrightLocal’s inaccurate reporting tools and lackluster customer service? You’re not alone.

Droves of agencies and multi-location businesses are making the switch to Direction Local to get the customer support and local search ranking improvements they need to effectively grow their online presence.

Direction Local: The Leading Alternative to BrightLocal
Rena MarquezRena Marquez
07:29 29 May 22
I’m the SEO Director at an agency with over 100+ local businesses under our management. We were working with Yext before we decided to explore our other options. After a few weeks of discussion (this is a big move), we decided to move forward with Direction Local for a variety of reasons, but the number one reason being that they are extremely responsive and supportive. We monitored any ranking changes for all of our clients via local falcon and noticed that after switching from Yext to Direction Local, the average rankings went up an average of 4 spots after about a month of monitoring and building out our clients profiles on the platform via the posting feature on Direction Local. If any agencies are looking to move here, I highly recommend it. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about it, I vouch for this company fully.
David WalkerDavid Walker
21:08 29 Apr 22
I started a pick-up & delivery dry-cleaning service in Atlanta 4 years ago. I have been using Direction Local for the past year, and we have seen tremendous growth in our local rankings since. I learned about this service after opening a second location across the city, and decided to give it a try since it was only $60 a month. Direction Local has proved to be instrumental in helping us reach new customers and increase brand awareness in both of our service areas. They have made it easier for customers to find and connect with my business online. I’d honestly be happy to pay in the hundreds for this service now that I’ve seen first-hand what it has done for my company!
Camille LoiaconoCamille Loiacono
15:31 13 Apr 22
We've been using Direction Local for little over a year now and we've seen amazing growth in our local rankings. We signed up when opening our third salon and it's been pivotal in helping us reach new customers and reinforce our brand presence in that area. Since signing up, every one of our locations is ranking #1 on Google for very important searches, like "Aveda salon near me."
Serge ParadisSerge Paradis
18:40 22 Mar 22
I signed my restaurant up on their platform Direction Local about a month ago and I’m already in the top 3 spots for over 20+ searches. My marketing department is tracking everything, and our reservations in the past month have increased by about 15%. Great tool - keep up the great work!
Elite Spartans StaffElite Spartans Staff
19:10 21 Oct 21
Since we signed up with our business has improved with more leads and more visibility online. They are very educational and patient with you and your business. They make it easy for you as a business owner and I'm glad we found them.Thank you direction.comAlex ZunigaCEO/Elite Spartans LLC
Myra FrancisMyra Francis
07:26 29 May 22 has quickly become our favorite agency to work with. They are very responsive, detail oriented and skilled at what they do - which is definitely helping make us successful! We feel confident knowing that if there ever arises any issues or concerns during our SEO campaign (which, considering the detail put into our 6-month strategies for a variety of our companies, shows how they are true experts, and know how to avoid problems) I know that their team will take care of everything. Plus, based off the company’s strong reputation within the SEO world, as well as personal relationships maintained over time between clients who have had fantastic experiences working together before, I know all of our companies are finally in the right hands. Thank you Ian and team!
21:07 29 Apr 22
Even though our internal sales team does a great job for us, I knew that I needed to grow my inbound lead efforts. After researching a number of different SEO agencies, I decided to give a try. Over the past 6 months, Direction has done an excellent job of helping me increase my brand awareness (based on Google Search Console Impressions Data) and generate new revenue (we have goal tracking setup already in Analytics). Their team is highly knowledgeable and professional, and they always go above and beyond to ensure that my needs are met. Whether it's developing a sound-proof strategy, designing new marketing content, or optimizing my overall digital marketing strategy, they have always delivered great results. Overall, I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to improve their brand presence and connect with their target audience. Thanks team!
Chris KirkseyChris Kirksey
19:51 25 Apr 22

Why are customers cancelling their BrightLocal subscription?

BrightLocal touts a big game in the local search arena, but customers are saying their services don’t meet the mark. Between defective citation creation, unresponsive customer service, and misleading reporting (to name a few) BrightLocal customers are finding plenty of reasons to make the switch to Direction Local.

Costly Token System

BrightLocal charges customers $3 for every new business listing they want to create. This makes improving your online presence significantly more costly.

Poor Customer Service

BrightLocal’s customer service team operates overseas, meaning their response time in the U.S. is slow, forcing customers to resolve issues without assistance. 

Incorrect Data Submission

BrightLocal’s network of data aggregators regularly submit business information incorrectly, causing unreliable citation management.

Here's what some BrightLocal customers have to say.


80% Data Inaccuracy. 0% Customer Service.

This is a reporting tool who’s data is 80%+ inaccurate. After working through many automated emails from them, my team and I finally got a meeting with our Brightlocal rep. They literally told us to go in and fix it manually for each and every client. Clearly we have no use for a reporting tool who’s reporting is so aggressively wrong so we attempted to cancel our annual subscription…


An Utter Scam.

They have shut down my account while 7 campaigns were running, and this was due to a fact where they could not understand my basic business need and kept making their point! At Brightlocal is either their way, or your account get shut! No signs of refund at all! The utter shame of the tech industry in 2022. The exact meaning of Scam!

The Direction Local Difference.

If you’re ready to put your BrightLocal headaches behind you, contact our team about cancelling your subscription and taking ownership of your online presence through Direction Local. 

Every Direction Local Subscription Includes:

The Difference Between Direction Local and BrightLocal
BrightLocal Replacement Service 1
Direction Local Logo

Make the Switch Today.

Follow These Steps To Get Started.

1. Cancel Your BrightLocal Subscription

First off, cancel your BrightLocal subscription and request them to release your listings immediately. 

2. Sign Up To Direction Local

3. Add your location data

Create your first location and sync with our network. Your profiles will process and update in real-time.

4. Schedule a demo

Contact your customer support team to schedule a 15-min demo for a platform tutorial.

Make the switch to Direction Local Today

Brightlocal Alternative FAQs

Unlike BrightLocal, we don’t…

  • Require clients to purchase tokens and spend these towards citation acquisition — Instead, we provide clients access to all 75+ business directories, automatically creating profiles on relevant listings and syncing data in real-time.
  • Subject our valued clients to an overseas customer service team that works on a completely different work schedule —Our entire SEO team is made up of U.S. citizens operating in the U.S. who are readily available to answer customer questions and speak directly over the phone.
  • Publish inaccurate listings without verifying the information is added correctly — Our cutting-edge API syncing ensures all the information input in our system is properly publishing on your listings so you don’t have to manually check each new citation for accuracy. 
  • We don’t lock customers into an annual plan without offering cancellation options with full refunds — Direction Local customers have the option to subscribe to monthly or annual plans, and are able to cancel at their leisure without risk of leaving money on the table. 
  • Provide misleading monthly reports that include incorrect metrics and dilluated ranking stats — Our automated reports are 100% accurate and customized for each of our clients to show the KPIs that actually matter.
  • Have a convoluted dashboard that is difficult to navigate and confusing to business owners without a marketing background — Our dashboard is hailed as being user-friendly to agencies managing hundreds of client accounts, as well as small business owners without extensive marketing knowledge, making it easy to update and manage your profiles on the spot.

We create business profiles on 125+ of the most powerful business directories, including, Google, Apple, Bing, FourSquare, TripAdvisor and more. We also offer custom solutions for hospitality businesses and medical practices, so you can connect with customers wherever they’re actively on the digital hunt for your services. 

As we establish new relationships with more directories, we will automatically submit your information free of charge to ensure your online presence maintains a positive growth trajectory. 

API Syndication
API syndication allows you to sync data in real-time, while rapidly expanding your digital footprint across the local search ecosystem to reach hundreds of thousands of customers navigating directories, mobile apps, maps packs, and more.

APIs are much more powerful than data aggregators and greatly reduce room for inaccuracies. APIs also allow you to instantly communicate with your audience across all of your directories from a single dashboard, so you can post immediate updates, special hours, and trending information in minutes.

Duplicate Removal
Automatic data cleansing is crucial benefit for ensuring your business information is accurate across the web. Inaccuracies send negative signals to users and search engines, which can impact how customers find your business and you show up in search results. Removing any room for confusion helps to establish the healthiest local presence and strengthens your reputation online to great effect.

That is correct. Our subscriptions are all-inclusive and come as a white-glove service, pairing you with a dedicated SEO expert who will monitor and improve your account free of charge. 

At no point, will your monthly pricing increase, even when we acquire and submit your information to new directories.

All of our clients have login access to their account and locations to make changes and post updates in real-time. When you make changes, such as updating your hours or changing your address, this information will instantly be submitted for verification and updated immediately upon approval. 

You can also reach out to our team and schedule a call for hands-on assistance.

How do I cancel BrightLocal?
You can cancel your subscription plan at any time from the ‘Plans & Addons’ page within the ‘Billing Details’ section of your account.

If you cancel during the subscription period (30 days, or 365 if you are on an annual plan) then BrightLocal will still have access to your reports and data for the remainder of that subscription period. At the end of the subscription period you will lose access to your reports and data.

BrightLocal retains and archives your data, which means that all of your existing reports and data will be available to you from where you left off.

If you would like to have all your data deleted, BrightLocal can do this for you.