Cali Saturn graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Ohio State University, after which she pursued her passion for digital marketing with a digital marketing internship at 3M. An ambitious, analytical, and detail-oriented individual, Cali discovered her passion for digital marketing in 7th grade through teaching herself HTML and SEO.

Fast forward over a decade later, her devotion to mastering her digital skills has only advanced. Now certified in a suite of Google’s marketing tools such as Analytics and Google Ads, Cali brings not only her business and marketing skills, but her years of leadership experience in counseling, as well as her teamwork-focused mindset built through personal training to the SEO department here at Direction Inc.

What's Cali Doing After Work?

Cali has an ambitious, goal-oriented mindset that she doesn’t leave behind at work. In her freetime, you’ll find her beating records in Sudoku puzzles, memorizing dozens of the numbers trailing π, working out and exploring new hiking trails. When she’s not breaking records and exploring new places, you’ll typically find Cali with friends, as her funny, friendly & outgoing personality is what really makes her a reliable, trustworthy and enjoyable person to spend time with.

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