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Scott’s Story

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Scott is a very passionate custom closet designer who came to us frustrated about the cost per lead in his industry. He was interested in getting organic traffic to his website, showing off his work, and growing his business in his local community.

Scott was up against competitors with national reach and seemingly unlimited marketing resources.

The Challenge

Scott’s biggest challenge was standing out in his local community among nationally recognized competitors spending tens of thousands a month is search advertising. With a much more limited budget, we needed to get him in front of the local customers who were looking for custom closets and interior remodels.

Many people prefer to work with local providers who are invested in the community. But first, they need to know who they are and why they’re better than the rest.

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The Solution

First, we hooked him up with a custom, engaging, and responsive website. With a cutting-edge platform to show off his work, our copywriters worked with him to refine his message and connect with his target audience.

Then, we indexed his site for over 1,000 keywords relevant to his industry, getting his site seen by searchers who were looking for exactly what he provides. Beautiful, custom-made closets, offices, and more.

With precision demographic targeting through Facebook advertising, we were able to send him qualified leads in his local area and even surrounding cities.

The Results

These form submissions represent people who are ready to buy and just needed to know who to buy from. And these are just a few examples that don’t include leads from phone calls.

“Hello. I am building a new construction house scheduled to be completed in late August. I would like to get some additional information about closet organizer for master bedroom closets and pantries. I am also considering home office design options. I have blueprints and wanted to get information about the process and what parts we can do before the house is completed. Thank you.”

“House still under construction, but have plans available to share. 2 closets each 5×2, 1 walk-in closet, pantry, and laundry room.”

“1 reach in closet kids room 4x8ft, 1 reach in closet in guest bedroom needs removal of mirrored doors and door replacement, 1 reach-in linen closet in hallway needs new closet doors. Availability for consultation 6/18-6/27 with hope that the project will be completed by July 20. Thanks!”

The Impact

"I've worked with several SEO company with great sales pitches, but limited results. Chris and his team are next level. If you are looking for results, pick this company."
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Scot Schrager
President, 180 Closet Design

Just like you, Scott was providing 5-star service (and he had the reviews to prove it!). But he was struggling to be seen by the right people. Because of the fierce competition in his industry, he was having trouble standing out among competitors with deeper pockets.

We didn’t change Scott’s business. His genuine enthusiasm for design, tireless work ethic and commitment to his clients are what made him so successful at designing closets. All we did is put him right in front of the people who needed him.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to begin investing in your website or other digital assets and start driving more, higher-quality leads to your business, let’s get in touch. We’ll start with a consultation where we’ll identify your organization’s marketing goals and begin exploring the best avenues to achieve them.

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