The Vintage on 16th

RentCafe Website, Full SEO Campaign, and Facebook Advertising

We have the pleasure of working with some of the most luxurious apartment complexes in the nation’s capital, managed by DARO Apartments.


The Vintage’s Story

The Vintage was a property recently acquired by a property management company in DC. They came to us with a luxurious property in one of DC’s most sought-after neighborhoods, but they had some hurdles to jump.

The Challenge

Because of the previous owner’s failures, the property was stuck with bad reviews (nearly all citing management). Not to mention, to call the DC apartment industry “competitive” would be the understatement of the year.

The Solution

We launched and optimized a RentCafe website, optimized it for Google’s crawlers, and began a campaign to repair the building’s reputation.

This included coordinating cross-promotions with other local businesses, promoting community events, and writing a blog that gives current and future residents valuable information about the neighborhood.

While repairing the building’s reputation was vital to the campaign, we still needed to drive high-quality leads and help the Vintage close apartment leases. We launched a Facebook advertising campaign to bring in qualified leads.

The Impact

For the first goal of the campaign, repairing the building’s reputation, the reviews speak for themselves. People seem to have a very different idea about the property now.

Just like many businesses, the Vintage’s management is awesome at what they do but was struggling to show people that online.

But that’s not all. The Facebook advertising campaign was a huge success as well.

apartment marketing case study

What was impressive about this campaign was it started generating leads instantly. In the first two days, it produced 14 leads. Because the product is one-year leases on luxury apartments, you can imagine the impact this had on the property’s bottom line.