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The Story of CapX

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CapX solutions is a hardware, software, and document management solutions company based in Bethesda, MD. It began in the 1960’s as a typewriter retailer and has evolved into a modern company supplying organizations of all sizes with copiers, scanners, printers, and document management services.

In fact, the company has been in business for 58 years!

The Challenge

CapX needed a website that reflected the company’s modern, cutting-edge services. They also needed a platform where they could communicate their unique services to a very specific audience.

The Solution

Our web design team built out a custom design into WordPress that would show visitors that CapX was an industry leader in printing and document services. This build included creating custom images and graphics, a seamless user experience, and content creation for each page. Our copywriters collaborated directly with a CapX representative to understand the value of their products and services, help communicate that through the website’s copy, and tell the story of their company’s unique history, the industries they serve, create blog posts and more.

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The Impact

As part of the search engine optimization campaign, we’ve began the process of building out an e-commerce section of their website.

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The Impact

Today CapX has a beautiful, high-functioning website that genuinely reflects the evolution of their company. It shows their customers that they are an industry leader in their niche and provides information on their products and services.

CapX serves organizations with nationwide recognition including the Washington Redskins, DC United, and Lincoln Property Company.

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