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The Story of DARO Apartments

DARO Management Group owns 11 apartment buildings in DC’s most desirable neighborhoods. Because they are in one of the most competitive local markets in one of the most competitive industries, they came to us looking to outperform their competitors in both organic search and paid advertising channels.

They also had examined their return on investment from online apartment listing services and determined that they could invest their advertising dollars more appropriately by driving traffic to their own web properties rather than relying on third-parties.


The Challenge

The apartment industry is cut-throat. DARO is up against both local competitors and national lead-generation assets like, Zillow, and Apartment Finder.

Their website was slow, had outdated design features, was lacking in content, and had a number of technical issues negatively impacting their search visibility. Also, their social media profiles were not optimized and inactive.

The Solution

We began by launching a comprehensive organic SEO campaign and repairing some of the technical issues on the DARO website source. We launched a content marketing campaign to increase DARO’s visibility in the neighborhoods where they own properties.

This included developing DARO’s blog, improving their website content, and collaborating with DARO’s team on social media content.

Once the investment had more than proven to pay itself off, we designed and developed a beautiful new website, check it out!

But That’s Not All

As their organic rankings began to climb, we launched a PPC campaign to drive even more leads. We built a total of eight custom Google Ad landing pages and targeted the most profitable search terms in their industry.

To expand the brand even further, we completely re-vamped the DARO Apartments Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Youtube. Check some of it out below!

The Impact

In the first five months of the campaign (Jan ‘18-May ‘18), we increased the number of users by 2,072.36% and traffic from organic Google search by 2,250%.

Three months later we increased the number of users by 4,384%. 64% of that traffic is from organic Google search.

The PPC campaigns performed very well as well, generating a total of 152 leads over eight months.

DARO is still a client of ours to this day, and we’re looking forward to the future of their campaign.

“The increase in our total leads and number of applications is significant. We’ve doubled our overall closing ratio, specifically for the Daro website source… I’m driven by results, like most business owners, and we get results.”

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Carissa Barry
President, DARO Apartments

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