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The Story of Define Awesome

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Define Awesome is a website designed and powered by the whole team here at Direction Inc. We like to have fun here, and we decided that the best way to do so is by building out a hilarious website – since, that’s what we’re good at.

But it’s not just about having fun – we have a goal with this crazy site, and that’s to help change the world and create laughs while we’re at it.

All profits generated by the website go 100% to charity. When you consider the only thing that goes into this website is our time, that means that literally every single penny that’s made goes to helping the world we live in. Each month, we take turns choosing a charity to donate to, based on what each person in this company feels most passionate about. Whether it be helping feed the world, clean water, helping children who have lost parents to drug abuse, you name it – every month we choose a new cause to dedicate the money the site makes to.

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The Challenge

Where do we even start… There are so many people, even in our own backyard that need help. We started brainstorming. How can everyone on our team use their skills to better the causes they care about? That’s when Define Awesome was created.

Although you’ll see products on Define Awesome (and yes, they’re all real products), we don’t actually sell them.

When someone clicks to check the item out, they are redirected to Amazon.

If they buy that product, or anything else on Amazon, Amazon gives us a commission. This is also known as Affiliate Marketing.

This type of marketing is some of the toughest in all of digital marketing in terms of organic search rankings. But, what our competition doesn’t have is our team, our mission, our desire and our goals. So, we’re not worried about that – but as this site is funded internally with our time, we’re working on competing with “competitors” who have massive budgets. Results have already shown this not to phase us as we are already able to donate to the causes we care about.

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How You Can Help

It’s simple, how do you feel about the products you see? 

Next time you’re going to buy anything on Amazon, first go to Define Awesome, rate how you feel about a product you see by clicking one of the emojis! 

From there, you’ll be taken to Amazon. Then, anything you purchase (no, it does not have to be the crazy item you clicked), results in Amazon giving us about a 1-5% comission. 

From there, we’ll donate all of it to our charity of the month. 

Also, share the hilarious items with your friends, family, co-workers! You’ll be creating laughs, and helping us better the world.

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The Impact

We're going to impact the world by creating laughs, and helping those in need, one Amazon purchase at a time.

Are you a Local Non-Profit or Charity?

Tell us your story, and we’ll see if we can donate to your cause next!

Let's Talk.

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