Case Study: Karen Threlkel, Naturopathic Doctor

Case Study: Dr. Karen Threlkel 1

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Case Study: Dr. Karen Threlkel 2

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The Story of Dr. Karen Threlkel

Today, thousands of people turn to medications to treat all kinds of remedies. The question is, is this really the best way to combat health concerns? Karen Threlkel, ND is a naturopathic doctor in Washington DC who uses a holistic approach to combating illness.

After over 20 years in practice, she found that she still didn’t have a full schedule. She chose to work with Direction to boost her business and cure more patients through holistic health practices.

The Challenge

Dr. Karen Threlkel had been a part of a group practice, Restorative Health, for several years and was ready to move away and stand out on her own. We took a deep-dive into other holistic doctors in the area and looked at how they were being found organically and what websites they offered. We found that developing a website that was soft, clean, and soothing would be the first step to getting her found in search results.

The Solution

Our first step was creating a seamless, soft website that was engaging and welcomed patients into Dr. Threlkel’s practice. We crafted a custom website with images that represented her brand and her mission.

Next, our content writing team worked with her to create a unique way to capture who she is and her practice. We sat down with her to rework old content and give it a new edge to draw in patients.

Once her website was launched, our team sat down with her to learn more about what she wanted to say to her audience and to craft blogs around those ideas. We performed extensive keyword research to find what her patients were looking for and how we could target them better.

The Impact

Dr. Threlkel had been doing everything right, she just wasn’t getting found. With our help, we made sure that people knew the impact she’s making on the community. We helped her patience and holistic approach to health to shine through and to draw in new patients to her practice.

Case Study: Dr. Karen Threlkel 3

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