Case Study: Bours & Lucero Law

Web Design, Google Ads & SEO

We designed an awesome website for Bours & Lucero, LLC with their target audience in mind. We were able to establish a dominant presence online for a law firm in what was considered an extremely competitive area for their niche, right outside of Washington DC.

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Bours and Lucero’s Story

Bours and Lucero LLC is a family law firm located in the competitive Rockville, MD area. They have been representing clients in a wide variety of legal issue for over 40 years. The firm helps navigate their clients through the legal process during extraordinarily emotional and challenging times. With so much on their hands, they left creating ultimate online experience for their current and potential clients to us.

The Challenge

Bours and Lucero needed a cutting-edge website that would set them apart in one of the most competitive industries online. Because their service helps people in extremely difficult times in their lives, we needed to make sure that they had a platform that would blow their competitors out of the water.

Also, we needed to take a number of measures to increase the site’s visibility and bring the firm new clients.

The Solution

We worked hand-in-hand with Bours and Lucero LLC to create the ultimate web design tailor-made for their niche. Potential clients are now able to review their specialized services such as Divorce, Child Support, Bankruptcy, Criminal Law, Traffic Law, and DUI’s.

After designing the law firm’s website, launched a full-service SEO campaign. Within six months the campaign had showing up on pages 1 and 2 of Google search results for extremely competitive terms. We integrated Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest into their campaign to give them a well-rounded online presence that would expand their clientele.

We understand that when working in law, everything must be secure. For that reason, our web developers set up with AWS (Amazon Web services) to guarantee its security and confidentiality online. By combining our world-class designers and developers, we were able to help this law firm expand their presence and accommodate those in need during some of life’s most trying times.

The Impact

Bours & Lucero was a time-honored practice with a solid reputation in their area. By combining their expertise and commitment to their clients with our ability to create visibility on the web, we were able to position the firm for growth like they had never seen before.

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