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The Story of Let Us Claim

Let Us Claim came to Direction in need of a web-design facelift. They are Orlando, Florida’s Leading Public Insurance Adjusters, meaning they help all the victims of hurricanes, sinkholes, and natural disasters find relief.

We love working with clients that help others, and we had a lot of fun with this website. We wanted to enhance their bold color pallet without making their site look too alarming. So, we expressed the need for immediate help through bright fuchsias with complementing black and white tones.

The Challenge

Web design is about doing something unique and standing out. Colors, logos, and creative strategy all tye in with the psychology of capturing the eye instantaneously. This way, years down the road when someone requires a public adjuster, Let Us Claim’s bold web-design will pop up in their mind.

The Solution

The solution was to create a mobile compatible, up to date, fast loading website. We didn’t just keep the design in mind for Let Us Claim, but we wanted to make sure the site was ready to skyrocket into the 21st century.

Our SEO strategists did comprehensive keyword research to make sure that Google’s crawlers and bots would find their website and services.

Direction’s team of web-designers created a comprehensive, eye-catching design filled with moving storms and bold colors.

Our writers created a tone and voice that would surround the site and keep it on brand, based on the unique people behind the business.

Let Us Claim is there to help, and Direction showed up to the challenge to make their services accessible to those in need.

The Impact

Mobile phone showing let us claim's website

Our team put our heads together and created a compelling impact on Let Us Claim’s website.

Today anyone from around the globe can reach their website on mobile, tablet or desktop.

The design is eye catching, keeping users on the site with ease-of-navigation.

The site loads in under 2 seconds which increases Let Us Claim’s rankings, and click-through rates. The copy is on-brand, and engaging new customers to experience success in their insurance claims with the help of Let Us Claim. website speed score is under 2 seconds
let us claim is a mobile-friendly website on all device sizes

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