Case Study: Limitless Paving & Concrete

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Ranking on the first page of Google is great. Ranking in the top 3 results for nearly every term related to your industry? That’s market domination.

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Tyler’s Story

Tyler owns a successful paving company serving Virginia and Maryland home and business owners.

Tyler’s company was responsible for some of the highest quality projects in his local community. But he didn’t want to be the best paving company in one city. He wanted to take jobs all over the East Coast and become the number one provider for expert asphalt and concrete paving projects.

The Challenge

Tyler’s biggest challenge was scaling his online presence as his business expanded into neighboring cities. He needed to increase his company’s visibility in these new markets and have a website where customers could easily request quotes for paving projects.

The Solution

We started with a modern website loaded with relevant content. Then, we optimized the site so that Google’s crawlers could find it, index it for the right keywords, and rank it for the appropriate searches. We also optimized his Google My Business profile for these cities.

Now when you Google nearly anything related to paving in Virginia or Maryland, Tyler’s company is front and center.

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The Impact

Many business owners want to grow so they can focus on the areas of their business that they really enjoy. In Tyler’s case, he wanted to be able to turn down small jobs and focus on the big projects that he’s so proud of.

With his new rankings in Google, he was getting so many phone calls for paving bids that he asked us if there was any way we could slow it down. What a problem to have!

With no lack of paving work to be done, Tyler gets to be more selective about which projects and which clients he enjoys working for.

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