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The Story of Maid Bright

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A clean home is a happy home, especially when it’s environmentally friendly! Maid Bright partnered with in November of 2018 so that they could redesign their website and gain an edge on the home cleaning services industry.

We were super excited to bring them on board to showcase their amazing services. This family-owned business began its journey in 2004 and since then has been featured on U.S News because of their dedication to supporting children’s hospital and the community as a whole. But how to gain traction online was the pending question.

The Challenge

We love working with a business that has so much care for the world around us. We knew that Maid Bright’s dedication to the environment and the local community had to be shared, so our team came up with a strategy. We wanted to focus on long-term results, so we strategized how we could help Maid Bright rank organically in Google by creating a comprehensive home-cleaning guide on their blog, and a user-friendly website.

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The Solution

We began MaidBright’s campaign by creating a website that was on brand. Our web designers wanted to create a clean space that represented their beautiful services. The team laced in multiple calls to action so that users could easily schedule a cleaning or free consultation from almost every page on the site.

Next, our content, SEO, and design team put their heads together to build out over 40 service pages for MaidBright. We wanted their cleaning services found from anywhere in the Northern, VA, area.

Our SEO team and bloggers didn’t just want MaidBright to be found, and we wanted their brand to shine through and be profound. So we expressed their excellent services through home cleaning guides and tips and tricks to help homeowners keep their house clean.

And if not, the DMV knows who to call- MaidBright.

The Impact

Check out how we increased Maid Bright’s organic traffic by over 100% and keywords by over 400% over one year.

Before Working With Direction

After Working With Direction

After working with Direction, Maid Bright’s website was found for 4 time more keywords in Google organic search results. In addition, organic search traffic over doubled.

Ready to Get Started?

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