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NVM Pavings’ Story

Mark is the owner of NVM paving, a commercial asphalt and concrete contractor operating all over the East Coast. Mark has a simple goal and has spent the last 35 years working toward it. He wants NVM to be the east coast’s number one provider for commercial paving and concrete construction. As Mark’s business grew and expanded into new states and cities, he was having trouble growing his brand awareness in new locations. His website was outdated and he couldn’t produce content fast enough targeting the many different areas he was now operating in.

The Challenge

Mark had very unique needs for his new website and SEO campaign. Because his company only tackles big, commercial projects we needed to make sure we were not just driving traffic, but the highest-quality traffic from qualified leads.

This meant our copywriters had to do significant amounts of research to understand the paving industry and adopt a voice that would speak to construction and installation managers, property developers, and municipal representatives.

Additionally, because the company operates up and down the East Coast and plans to expand even further, we needed to develop landing pages and sales pages targeting a large number of locations.

And all this on top of building a lightning fast, mobile-responsive, optimized website with a great user experience where visitors can easily get information about the company’s services and request a quote.

The Solution

First, we built Mark and his team a modern, cutting-edge website outfitted with all the tools they need to capture leads and track performance metrics. We loaded it with high-quality content tailor-made for his unique audience.

We also optimized his Google My Business profile so he could get phone calls directly from organic search results.

The Impact

In just a one quarter period, we generated 193 phone calls from the Google my Business listing & Website through organic search results. Not only that though, we also generated 30 website contact form leads. That’s a total of 223 leads, or, an average of 74 leads each month. 

Factoring in our cost, NVM Paving was generating exclusive leads organically for $100 less than what their competition is paying!

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The Impact

This case shows that there are plenty of people out there who are searching for exactly what you provide, they just don’t know about you yet.

With a new website and SEO campaign, we can put any company in front of the customers who are already looking for them and send warm leads straight to their door.

Leads consistently increase month over month from SEO.

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