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Michaels Story

Michael came to Direction because of the ridiculous cost of leads in the auto leasing industry.

Michael was unique because he had an innovative and brilliant idea for how to revolutionize his industry and provide superior service to the customer. His online platform was a one-stop-shop for auto leasing. You could browse an inventory of vehicles, choose the length of the lease term, number of miles, and even your interior and exterior color choices right on the website.

Then with the click of a button, you’d have your new car delivered right to your door in a matter of days.

But like many business owners with brilliant ideas, Michael’s poor visibility meant that he had to give significant amounts of money to other companies with more authority on the web to get solid leads. Hardly seems fair, doesn’t it?

The Challenge

Being a company providing auto leasing services nationwide, Oz Leasing was up against some of the most cut-throat competition you can imagine.

To increase his leads and sales, we needed to put his site on the top of Google search results for a large number of popular vehicles.

The Solution

So here’s what we did. For a fraction of the cost he was forking over for leads, we deployed a team of copy and content writers to fill his website to the brim with unique product descriptions for each car in his inventory.

That’s over 500 pages of original, high-quality content! Plus, we wrote a series of blog articles giving readers vital information about understanding lease terms and providing advice on how to choose the right vehicles and options.

Within a few months, Michael’s cars were outranking even the manufacturer’s websites!

Focused Content Marketing Strategy Wins in Google

  • Increased traffic by over 4000% in under 8 months
  • Increased keyword rankings by over 2000% in under 8 months
  • Earned Google featured snippets for multiple vehicles
  • The same vehicle page ranking #1 AND #2
  • Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) validated
  • Averaging 150 calls/month directly from Google search

Talk about some serious speed optimization

Before: 49.57 second load time

After: 1.41 second load time

How’d we do it?!

  • Gzip compression
  • Eliminated render-blocking JS & CSS files above-the-fold
  • Lossless Image Compression
  • Browsing caching
  • Minifying of HTML, JS, and CSS files
  • Reduced server response time
  • Deferred parsing of possible JavaScript files
  • Removed unnecessary query strings
  • Database and object caching
  • Full setup and optimization of clients CDN

The Impact

We outranked Audi, Lexus, and Chevrolet for their own vehicle lease searches, proving that we can take on whoever your competition is – no matter how big they may seem.

Michael’s case proves that any business owner with a valuable product or service can compete in today’s market. It doesn’t matter how large you competitors are; we’ll put you right beside them for a fraction of their budget.

Michael recently opened up a new location where he hopes to continue disrupting the auto industry with a new approach to the car-dealership experience.

"Before, I was paying about $12,000-$15,000 every month for leads from Swap-a-Lease and Lease Trader. Now I’m getting even more leads at about half the cost within 4 months!"​
Michael Oz
President, Oz Leasing


Out-ranking Mercedes For Their Own Vehicles in Organic Google Search Results


Out-ranking Audi For Their Own Vehicles in Organic Google Search Results


Out-ranking Chevrolet For Their Own Vehicles in Organic Google Search Results


Out-ranking Dodge For Their Own Vehicles in Organic Google Search Results


Out-ranking Hyundai For Their Own Vehicles in Organic Google Search Results


Out-ranking Jeep For Their Own Vehicles in Organic Google Search Results


Out-ranking Lexus For Their Own Vehicles in Organic Google Search Results

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