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The Story of Silver Tax Group

Silver Tax Group partnered with in August of 2018 because they were in search of making a nation-wide impact but were dissatisfied with their current marketing campaign.

They created a business model that provides people in need with IRS Tax relief 24/7.
If you wake up in the middle of the night startled by tax nightmares- their professionals have you covered. They won’t send you back to bed with milk and cookies, but their full-service attorneys sure will put your mind at ease.

The Challenge

When searching for an attorney, over ⅓ of potential clients begin online. This means that the internet is one of the most vital tools for attaining leads in the legal industry. Who wants to knock out 33% of all potential clients?

Not Silver Tax Group, or any legal firm for that matter. However, their PPC campaign was costing a frightening $1120 per call and email conversion. On top of high-cost marketing, Silver Tax group had a slow loading website and lagging online presence.

The Solution

We launched a market domination plan with Silver Tax Groups to heighten their online presence with SEO. 

The Direction team loaded up Silver Tax Group’s website with quality blog content on a daily basis, and heightened their outreach through video and social media. 

We also created a fast-loading, user-friendly website that informs readers about their taxes and the IRS.

But That’s Not All

As their organic rankings began to climb, we launched a PPC campaign to drive even more leads. We built a total of 28 custom Google Ad landing pages and targeted the most profitable search terms in their industry.

The Impact

Silver Tax Groups PPC campaign went from costing them $1120 per conversion to costing them just $38 per conversion, we brought the cost down by 96.6%.

The average cost per click on the legal industry today is $6.75, our custom landing pages and designs now cost Silver Tax Group $1.06, we brought their CPC down by 84.89%.

Their new high speed website now loads in 1.17 seconds. Our user friendly approach to with video and social media integration has completely changed their online presence.

Silver Tax Group is still a client of ours today, things can only go up from here.

“The increase in our total leads, on top of the decrease in spending on PPC has given our company the ability to grow beyond what we imagined possible. It feels good to expand and know that we are helping others solve their tax issues one day at a time."
Chad Silver
Attorney, Silver Tax Group

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