Case Study: Swank Law Offices

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The Story of Swank Law Offices

Swank Law Offices is a team of attorneys out of Pittsburgh, PA who partnered with in 2019 after searching for the right web design company. They had given two other design agencies a try but were not happy. The Result? Keep reading…

The Challenge

When searching for an attorney, over ⅓ of potential clients begin online. Clearly, a website is one of the most vital tools for providing potential clients confidence in selecting an attorney to work with. 

Swank Law Offices has attorneys who specialize in different practices such as family law, Veteran benefits, construction disputes, traffic law and more. But, their online presence was not robust enough and people were not converting on the website they had. We had to change that.

The Solution

We custom designed a WordPress website for Swank Law Offices that properly reflects their authority in the legal niche for their area in and around Pittsburgh, PA.

The Impact

They now have a fast-loading, mobile-friendly website (1.05 seconds to be exact), which has already proven to help their organic search engine rankings.

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mobile friendly legal web design

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