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Looking for a comprehensive local directory management system? Look no further than Direction Local. Our software automatically lists businesses and organizations in HERE, so customers can find what you need fast. Plus, our easy-to-use search makes it simple to find what you’re looking for. Take a look at the benefits of listing your business with HERE Maps.

HERE Maps Listing on Direction Local

HERE Technologies’ map data powers the in-dash navigation system, HERE We Go, which is used by 4 out of 5 drivers in North America and Europe. Their network displays over 315 million building and structure imprints pulled from thousands of terabytes of  validated location data. This highly accurate maps system is powered by cloud technology, allowing for real-time updates and providing one of the most user-enriched navigational experiences. With Direction Local, your HERE listing can help to literally put your business on the map.

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Expanding your company’s listing has so many benefits! You will be put in front of a new customer base, which means more potential revenue. Businesses need to be easily found and customers need to be able to navigate to them quickly and easily. HERE Maps provides both of those things for businesses big and small. With Here Maps, businesses can list their information in one place that is easily accessible by customers on any device.

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Having an official profile curated by our team helps boost your company’s search engine listings and quite literally puts you on the map. Being listed on HERE Maps gives businesses the advantage of being seen first in search results, as well as real-time navigation updates straight to customer devices.


Tailoring your business profiles to customers’ map service of choice helps you stay on top of all of the best technology trends. As a bonus, your search rankings will be higher and save your clients time when they’re looking for your business and everything you have to offer. HERE provides downloadable maps for convenience at any time for customers. Having your business listed means it will be there anytime they look, day or night. Also, there are offline walking or driving directions so they can find your business no matter if they have their smart device or not.

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Getting started with HERE Maps is easy – simply sign up through our software, Direction Local, and let us take care of the rest!

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