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Nextdoor is the perfect platform to showcase your business and reach more customers searching for the products and services you offer. Local businesses play an important role in Nextdoor’s mission to build stronger neighborhoods, and Nextdoor business listings offer a window into the unique character of each business. When customers search Nextdoor for businesses like yours, they’ll see your business information, read reviews from your customers, and get a sense of what it’s like to work with you.

Nextdoor is a great way to connect with customers looking for exactly what you have to offer. So if you’re looking to boost your local SEO and reach more customers, consider creating a Nextdoor business profile with Direction Local.

Boost your local SEO and attract more customers with a Nextdoor Business Profile. Simply add your company name, address, phone number, and website to help customers find you quickly and easily.

Nextdoor Statistics

Nextdoor is a free service for community members to share advice on the best businesses and activities to enjoy locally.

Here are some stats that show how powerful the Nextdoor network is for local businesses. 

  • 33 million weekly active users 
  • 280,000 active neighborhoods 
  • Over 17 million user recommendations 
  • 25% of conversations include local advice 
  • 200,000 businesses named neighborhood favorites
  • 145,000 active neighborhoods in the U.S.

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Benefits of a Nextdoor listing

Nextdoor is the perfect place to connect with customers who are ready to buy what you’re selling. Nextdoor Business Profiles allow you to list your products or services in a searchable, easy-to-use local business directory. This way, when customers in your area are searching for what you offer, they’ll find your listing and have all the information they need to reach out to you. 

Creating a Nextdoor Business Profile is an essential part of marketing your business and connecting with potential customers in your community. You can create a free business profile on Nextdoor, or use Direction Local to create and manage your Nextdoor business listing (in addition to dozens of other powerful directories).

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