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COVID-19 has quickly caused many of us financial emergencies, setbacks and major life changes, making it difficult to meet, or forcing cut-backs on monthly financial obligations such as our marketing efforts.

As a marketing agency, we figured the best way that we could give back is by ensuring other small businesses can stay relevant, and be able to get in-front of potential customers (yes, people still spend money while quarantined).

Why Content?

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What You'll Get:

We'll craft 100% unique (plagiarism free) blog content that is relevant to your company's audience to improve your website traffic, user engagement, and social media - completely free.


We'll include at least one free stock image per article.

Crafted to Be Found (SEO-Optimized)

As an SEO Company, getting the content we write found is a top priority for our clients. We use proper heading tags, create engaging Title and Meta Descriptions, Optimize image title & alt descriptions, add bulleted lists and other formats to make the article easy to read and get found by both search engines and users.

Authoritative Content

All content includes references to reputable sources of where we got our information. This helps promote trust in both search engines and users.

1,000+ Words of quality Content

We'll go above and beyond the standard 500 word blogs, by double - and you'll love the content (we don't write anything less than amazing - see what our clients are saying: Read Our Client Reviews).

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You must:

A) Be a U.S. Business

B) Already have a blog on your website (this does not include creation and design of a blog onto your website).

There is no catch here. Read below, this may help answer your questions:

A) To help small businesses continue marketing efforts despite setbacks from COVID-19

B) Think of this a freemium-style service, just like how software companies have free and paid options.

About 1-2 Weeks

If you have WordPress, yes. We will upload the approved content and perform all proper on-page SEO to ensure that it's ready to get found.

We won't write on any topics encouraging illegal activity or anything that spins it in a positive light. For example, we may write about marijuana topics, but not about how to hide it from cops. Other topics we will not write about, regardless of their legality include:

  • Adult-themed websites
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Politics

Absolutely! Sharing content helps boost your brand awareness & authority.

Yes. SEO benefits are probably the biggest reasons why you should get our blog content, aside from the time and money savings. 

Nope! We write 100% unique content specifically for you and your blog. One requirement is that you use it only for your blog and do not publish it on someone else's blog. We don’t allow duplicating the post and publishing it elsewhere. You wouldn’t want to do that anyway since it’s a no-no in Google’s eyes, but it’s important to us that it remains only on your blog. Sharing your blog post URL on social channels for others to read is allowed, of course.

We provide unlimited revisions, but we do ask that when you provide them, that you’re very thorough to ensure there's no constant back and forth when it could have been revised correctly the first time.

Yes. Since it’s going on your blog, you own the full rights to the content we create, as well as any images provided.

You! (or someone else on your team who you specify - unless you would like us to publish it as a guest author.)

We Can Write Spectacular Content For Any Industry, Guaranteed.

See examples of content we’ve written, by industry:




Real Estate






Home Improvement


Ready for Awesome Content?

Great! First, please acknowledge the following:

A) You are a U.S. Business

B) You must already have a blog on your website (this does not include creation and design of a blog onto your website).

C) Your website is not in any of the following categories:

  • Adult-themed
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Politics
If you have any questions at all, or would like to chat beforehand, click the button below. Otherwise, scroll down and let’s get started!

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