As chief operating officer at Direction, Ian Dawson is responsible for the strategic global operations and sound execution of company processes. A key executive and respected leader, Ian brings over a decade of creative marketing experience to Direction, establishing policies and processes that promote the company culture and vision. Ian’s focus on people, teamwork, providing outstanding client service, and executing on strategic growth initiatives through services which directly impacts profitable revenue growth for both the company and its clients.

Ian is distinguished by his knowledge and creative ability in execution on creative marketing campaigns, create astounding visual identities for brands with video & photography, aligning brand strategies and more. Ian’s ability to portray brands in a whole new spotlight and deliver beyond expectations has been recognized by brands such as Coca-Cola, Polaroid, Nike, Citrix, Triumph and more.

What's Ian Dawson Doing After Work?

Ian’s passion for creativity and people are realized both inside and outside of the workplace. When Ian isn’t at work, you’ll find him spending time with his wife and three daughters, going outdoors with his brothers or taking his Nikon to find, capture and reveal the beauty of the world and people around him.

Ask anyone what the first word that comes to mind is when they think of Ian, they’ll all struggle as one word simply cannot describe the inspiration he brings out in others, as well as the trust, reliability and kindness which defines him in every situation.

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