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Jarod Wilkins

SEO Project Manager


Jarod mastered the art of leading teams of creative professionals after six years in the TV & Film industry working with large crews and in multiple countries around the world. He has taken his expertise as a Director/Producer to the digital marketing world, where he oversees Direction’s client campaigns and SEO Department. He’s the guy who ensures everything runs smoothly and efficiently, always plans for what’s ahead, and constantly looks for ways to generate great results for our clients while helping to propel Direction’s next phase of growth.

What's he doing after work?

When he’s not leading, you can find Jarod making the most of his stomping grounds in Austin. Soccer, paddle boarding, and rock-climbing take up most of his free-time. Constantly giving unwarranted music recommendations and seeing concerts on the weekend, he’s found his happy place living in the Live Music Capital of the World. More recently, he has developed an obsession in the kitchen. At any point, you can find him watching a Gordon Ramsay video or cooking tutorial in order to further his goal of becoming a professional at-home cook.

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