SEO Strategy Director


Leona Brown has a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from the University of Rhode Island, a Bachelor’s of Science from Rhode Island College, and an Associate’s in Human Services from CCRI. She has a diverse work experience including being a teacher, a taco maker, and even a bouncer at one of Rhode Island’s biggest music venues.

Leona is our in-house miracle worker. With a pot of black coffee and a keyboard, nothing’s standing in her way. In a competitive online environment, business owners don’t need excuses; they need solutions. Leona’s here to help cut through it all and develop the marketing strategies that allow our clients to win.

What's Leona Doing After Work?

Leona’s never heard of “after work.” Work is what Leona’s doing after work. She’s also never heard of “sleep” or “vacation.” When she’s not working with us, she’s working for herself. She operates a custom T-shirt printing business as well as a few other ventures.

If she does get some time to herself, she enjoys “rock hunting.” To use her words: “That’s someone who collects rocks and minerals. In other words, a dork.”

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