How a Local SEO Expert Will Help You Lead the Search Listings

The Advantages of Working with a Local SEO Expert
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    4 Ways a Local SEO Expert will Stimulate your Marketing Strategy

    Mastering local SEO can put your business head and shoulders above competitors. But learning the ins and outs of this technical space takes time and resources, and is even challenging for those with a marketing background. Still, you need to be the leader of neighborhood searches if you want to make an impact in 2021. So, perhaps it’s time to enlist a proven local SEO expert to help you generate the quality leads that will help your business thrive. Key takeaways
    • Local SEO is an important tool to ensure your company shows up in searches that will help you win business in your community
    • 4 methods experts use to improve local rankings:
      • Well-researched, high-intent keywords
      • Develop consistent local citations
      • Use data aggregators
      • Acquire positive and authentic reviews from customers
    Local competition for business is a constant challenge for companies, but the SEO savvy see this as an opportunity to thrive. In a single two-year period, SERPs saw a 500% increase in mobile searches anchored in the words “near me,” which is a major opportunity if you know how to optimize your website and local listings.  There’s big difference between knowing local SEO and being an expert in the space. Understanding how local SEO works might help secure your business at least some place in the rankings. But that’s not good enough. You need to be able to reach your local audience wherever they’re searching if you plan to dominate your market. And it’s the experts who truly know how to put this discipline into practice.  This guide will reveal the best tips and tricks experts use to top local listings while highlighting some mistakes to avoid.

    4 Key Ways a Local SEO Expert Creates Winning Strategies

    The best SEO approach is constantly evolving. New rules and priorities regularly emerge, driven by factors such as technology, search intent, page construction, and the overall quality of the content. These and more cause many businesses to slowly sink in the quicksand that SEO can be. 

    Using these four best practices is a great place to start crafting an effective local SEO strategy.

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    1. Keep Local Searches Coming With Keywords

    A previous post provided a Top 10 on generating Google reviews, and that tutorial hit on two crucial points: 

    1. People are getting much wiser to advertising messages.
    2. 25% of internet users actively block paid ads from getting through to them.

    This is not only making it harder for businesses to effectively advertise their services to local audiences, but is also leading to more costly advertising with less than optimal ROAS.

    On the bright side, this is where SEO shines, as it’s the most sustainable and profitable form of organic search marketing.

    The Art of Keyword Research

    Keyword research is vital to uncovering terms that provide raw material in improving local SEO. Businesses that discover this information tend to forge engaging content laced with effective but subtle search magnets that lead to an increase in quality leads. 

    All in all, good keyword research plucks what your business’ demographic is actively searching for – phrases and buzzwords they want to see. The application of this research then places these phrases naturally in your website content to rank for these search queries and provide on-page value to users. As this practice evolves, you’ll see a compelling lead generation funnel begin to form.

    Long Tail Keywords

    Another technique that’s crucial for local search is using long tail keywords. These are more specific phrases that tend to mimic how people speak. With quarterly increases in voice search, these phrases can attract a lot of business.

    Though long tail keywords are less competitive in SEO than traditional keywords, making content easier to rank, they do typically receive lower traffic volumes monthly. Therefore, you cannot simply rely on long tail keywords. However, they are effective in generating broad keyword coverage which will enable you to appeal to consumers at varying points in their buying journey, which is a major win for long term success. 

    Any local business wanting to climb the search engine ranks must allow for voice queries. There’s no way around it. People don’t search in speech the same way they do on a keyboard. Spoken queries are usually longer, because most people can speak a lot faster than they type. When people search by voice, it’s also three times more likely to be a local query, so be sure to include these in your strategy!

    2. Harmonize and Grow Your Local Citations

    Online citations are the local listings that help people find your business. Think Yelp, Waze, ZocDoc, TripAdvisor, and so on.

    Hands down, the most powerful citation tool is Google Business Profile. Unless you know how to properly leverage GBP, however, you’ll never reach your potential in local search optimization. You’re free to pepper cyberspace with as many citations as you like, but this is one case where quality beats quantity and slow and steady beats speed, so if you’re unsure on best practices consider enlisting a local SEO expert or even a consultant to guide you.

    Harmonize your business citations to improve local seo

    Be mindful of this important error to avoid if you’re taking the reins on your campaign…

    A classic citation error is having too many online mentions that don’t match each other; even having some you weren’t aware of. Locating every citation and ensuring their universal accuracy is critical, as is adopting a gradual approach to creating new ones. Citations aren’t all just speaking for yourself, however. Providing a public platform where users can speak to real representatives, share their experiences, and access important information is another powerful way to boost your local search presence.

    3. Data Aggregators

    Data aggregators specialize in collecting updated and verified information about your business. You can benefit by ensuring your name, address, and phone number (NAP) is accurate and consistent across your digital marketing ecosystem.

    Aggregators are essentially data miners that compile valuable information on customer patterns, translating these into your website content. Data aggregation goes hand in hand with building citations, and is a big help in keeping your listings accurate while promoting them to social media platforms, review sites, and valuable business directories. 

    In short, data aggregators are a quick and reliable way to customize what people see, and to make their searches even more relevant. Data aggregators aren’t perfect, however. They still require a vigilant human touch to ensure the accuracy of the information they’re presenting, which helps further project a strong and organized business persona to the public

    4. Give Local Customers a Review Platform

    Online reviews are some of the most powerful and influential SEO materials out there. Yes, keywords are valuable, but genuine customer quotes that praise your business are priceless. In fact, a massive 97% of customers report that online reviews influence whether they select a company, while 84% are willing to treat online reviews as if they came from a trusted friend.

    In addition to review generation, you should encourage users to “check-in” when visiting your business. These social signals are invaluable and help keep your business at the forefront of local SERPs. Whenever users interact with your profile, either by leaving a review, checking in, or sharing photos of their experience, you’re sending high-quality and trusted signals to your local audience.

    Contact Our Local SEO Expert With Any Questions

    There are more tools to incorporate into your SEO approach and more tricks to use, but great execution can take a lot of practice. Working with a team dedicated to studying and creating local SEO gives your business an edge that grabs local attention and gains traction.

    The formula for world-beating SEO may be in constant flux, but the endgame is always the same: launch the business in the rankings and leapfrog the competition. The Direction SEO team is constantly studying the latest algorithms and adjusting to provide organic, effective SEO that fits smoothly into your online media and is always on-trend.

    The full scope of our local services can boost your rankings, keep your online presence consistent, and put every reputation-management tool you need into one easy-to-use dashboard. Contact the Direction team with any questions about local SEO and speak to an expert today..

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