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Local Directory Citations
Rena MarquezRena Marquez
07:29 29 May 22
I’m the SEO Director at an agency with over 100+ local businesses under our management. We were working with Yext before we decided to explore our other options. After a few weeks of discussion (this is a big move), we decided to move forward with Direction Local for a variety of reasons, but the number one reason being that they are extremely responsive and supportive. We monitored any ranking changes for all of our clients via local falcon and noticed that after switching from Yext to Direction Local, the average rankings went up an average of 4 spots after about a month of monitoring and building out our clients profiles on the platform via the posting feature on Direction Local. If any agencies are looking to move here, I highly recommend it. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about it, I vouch for this company fully.
David WalkerDavid Walker
21:08 29 Apr 22
I started a pick-up & delivery dry-cleaning service in Atlanta 4 years ago. I have been using Direction Local for the past year, and we have seen tremendous growth in our local rankings since. I learned about this service after opening a second location across the city, and decided to give it a try since it was only $60 a month. Direction Local has proved to be instrumental in helping us reach new customers and increase brand awareness in both of our service areas. They have made it easier for customers to find and connect with my business online. I’d honestly be happy to pay in the hundreds for this service now that I’ve seen first-hand what it has done for my company!
Camille LoiaconoCamille Loiacono
15:31 13 Apr 22
We've been using Direction Local for little over a year now and we've seen amazing growth in our local rankings. We signed up when opening our third salon and it's been pivotal in helping us reach new customers and reinforce our brand presence in that area. Since signing up, every one of our locations is ranking #1 on Google for very important searches, like "Aveda salon near me."
Serge ParadisSerge Paradis
18:40 22 Mar 22
I signed my restaurant up on their platform Direction Local about a month ago and I’m already in the top 3 spots for over 20+ searches. My marketing department is tracking everything, and our reservations in the past month have increased by about 15%. Great tool - keep up the great work!
Elite Spartans StaffElite Spartans Staff
19:10 21 Oct 21
Since we signed up with our business has improved with more leads and more visibility online. They are very educational and patient with you and your business. They make it easy for you as a business owner and I'm glad we found them.Thank you direction.comAlex ZunigaCEO/Elite Spartans LLC
Myra FrancisMyra Francis
07:26 29 May 22 has quickly become our favorite agency to work with. They are very responsive, detail oriented and skilled at what they do - which is definitely helping make us successful! We feel confident knowing that if there ever arises any issues or concerns during our SEO campaign (which, considering the detail put into our 6-month strategies for a variety of our companies, shows how they are true experts, and know how to avoid problems) I know that their team will take care of everything. Plus, based off the company’s strong reputation within the SEO world, as well as personal relationships maintained over time between clients who have had fantastic experiences working together before, I know all of our companies are finally in the right hands. Thank you Ian and team!
21:07 29 Apr 22
Even though our internal sales team does a great job for us, I knew that I needed to grow my inbound lead efforts. After researching a number of different SEO agencies, I decided to give a try. Over the past 6 months, Direction has done an excellent job of helping me increase my brand awareness (based on Google Search Console Impressions Data) and generate new revenue (we have goal tracking setup already in Analytics). Their team is highly knowledgeable and professional, and they always go above and beyond to ensure that my needs are met. Whether it's developing a sound-proof strategy, designing new marketing content, or optimizing my overall digital marketing strategy, they have always delivered great results. Overall, I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to improve their brand presence and connect with their target audience. Thanks team!
Chris KirkseyChris Kirksey
19:51 25 Apr 22
Direction Local SEO Software
Direction Local 1

One Software to Manage Your Entire Internet Presence.

Direction Local 2

Local SEO Tools That Matter.

Local marketing is becoming more competitive. With Direction Local, you can break through the clutter to reach more customers. Here are some of the features that our customers love.

Perfect Your Online Presence

Manage all of your online business profiles & post business updates in real-time.

Post business updates to dozens of directories

Direction Local simplifies and automates your online business profile management across a network of 75+ business directories

Once you sync your location data, our software will automatically create online business profiles on all the top websites, remove any duplicates, and update outdated information. 

And when developments occur, you can publish those updates to all of your listings from one central dashboard. 

Post business updates to dozens of directories
Respond to customer reviews on a central dashboard

Respond to Reviews

With all of your customer reviews compiled into one dashboard, you can easily respond to and thank customers for their feedback.

The quantity and quality of reviews is a major ranking factor when it comes to local SEO. But did you know that responses to customer reviews are also taken into account?

With Direction Local, reviews across all of your local profiles and business directories will display on your dashboard so you can provide timely feedback to your customers.

The more proactive you are, the more likely Google and other websites will show your business when customers search for the products and services you provide.

Publish Q&As

With a built-in publishing suit, you can post important information to help guide your customers on their shopping journey.

Post Q&As to answer your customer's FAQs

Google loves it when businesses provide answers to their customers most frequently asked questions. And they reward this with more visibility for local searches.

With Direction Local, you can publish Q&As that will help customers on their shopping journey. 

When you provide potential customers with quality information upfront not only will you see more people reaching out to contact your business, but you will also receive higher quality sales leads.

Post Q&As to answer your customer's FAQs
Measure progress with detailed reporting insights

Measure Your Progress

With advanced analytics, you can measure what's working and apply improved strategies to dominate "near me" searches.

A winning local SEO strategy isn’t created overnight. You need to review your progress reports to see what’s working, where to double-down and where to test new optimizations.

With Direction Local’s reporting dashboard, you can track important metrics for all of your locations. Our software integrates with Google and Facebook integrations, so you can see what keywords customers are searching to find your business and how many people engaged with your local profiles.

And with competitive analysis, you can track your biggest competitors and watch as you overtake them on Google Maps. As the saying goes, What’s measured, gets improved. 

Direction Local 3
Direction Local 4

Supercharge Your Local SEO

Are Your Online Business Listings Accurate?

Use our local seo audit tool to determine how accurate your business information is online.
If you have inaccuracies or missing information, you can easily remedy this with Direction Local.

Direction Local 5

Ready To Dominate Your Local Market?

It's easy to get started with Direction Local. In just a few steps, your local business can be reached by more customers in more areas than ever before.
Annual (2 months free)

Local Business

Excellent for any local businesses. Includes online business profile creation & management on all the top sites, review management, social media posting, and more.
$ 60
Per Month Billed Annually
  • Social Posting
  • Schedule or instantly publish posts to Facebook, Google & over a dozen other popular business directories! With features such as Google Q&A, Specials, Offers, COVID-19 Updates and more, keep your business on the top of consumers' minds.

  • Directory Submission
  • Direction Local expands your brand's online visibility by automatically creating & syncing your brand’s most important consumer facing data across a global network that includes 125+ platforms and directories.

  • Voice Search Activation
  • Voice search is rapidly gaining momentum, offering consumers a hands-free way to access local business information in their cars. Direction Local voice-optimizes all your brand listings online.

  • Phone & Email Support
  • Get a completely free onboarding session with a local SEO expert. Have questions down the road? You can always contact us directly via phone or email during normal business hours.
  • Automatic Data Cleansing
  • We clean up 99.99% of problematic data using both automated and manual processes, so you can relax knowing that your company data is correct anywhere your company locations exist online.

  • Real-Time Profile Management
  • Instantly update your key business content across all synced profiles. Our direct integrations allow you to manage all your company information, updates, sales and more from one central dashboard.

  • Activity Feed & Notification Alerts
  • See detailed analytics from Google, Facebook and all other directories on Direction Local of how people are interacting with your business over time.

  • Review Monitoring & Management
  • Direction Local provides you with everything you need to build a customer-centric reviews management program with monitoring, instant-updates, filtering, analyzing review data and more.

  • Auto Duplicate Listing Suppression
  • Our data quality management system suppresses duplicate information about your brand on a monthly basis, looking at the entire data flow from the original information, to validation and correction for a true result.

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Schedule A Demo

Reserve time with an SEO expert to explore the Direction Local platform and features.

Boost Your Online Visibility with Consistent Data Across All Listing Directories

Ensuring your business data is accurate everywhere across the Internet helps to increase your local map rankings, boosts customer trust, and so much more. And when we say everywhere, we mean everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s crucial for local SEO to ensure that all of your business data is consistent everywhere your business is listed online. But the benefits go beyond just ranking locally. It also helps avoid confusion when your information is consistent. When potential and even current customers are looking up information about your business and there is no misleading information, you can build stronger relationships with your audience.

Once you sign up and enter your business information, all of your locations and directories are updated instantly, in real-time.

Data reveals that more and more people are using voice search to find what they need. We ensure that your listings are voice-search optimized across the board with all of our packages.

Yes, once you connect your Facebook account and Google My Business page, you will be able to schedule and post articles to each of those platforms from a centralized location.

Direction Local will sync your business information across all 50 online directories, including social media, navigation apps, publishers, and critical data aggregators, which will save you countless hours with each update.

The more consistent your business information is, the more likely you will appear in Google Maps for your target keyword phrases. Accurate and consistent business information across major business directories generally leads to better rankings. The more consistent your data is, the more Google and other search engines trust you.

Direction Local makes updating your business information a breeze. Just update the information field that changed. Direction Local will automatically sync the new data across each of the directories, saving you from having to update them individually.

Yes! Once you connect your Google My Business page to Direction Local, you’ll be able to respond to reviews directly through the platform.

Yes, of course! Be sure to set aside several hours, perhaps days, and make sure you have all 50 usernames and passwords handy. Be prepared to do it all over again whenever you want to update your business information. Or you can have one central hub to update every listing, ultimately saving you time and guaranteeing all of your company information is synchronized across the internet.

Some listing directories (Google My Business, for example) allow users to edit listings directly through their website. However, prior edits will be overwritten by the new edits once you connect the listing to our system. Therefore, to ensure consistency in business information across all directories, we recommend making any and all changes through Direction Local once you’re signed up (pro tip: it’s easier that way too).

Setup is fast and easy.  We have an easy to walk through platform that allows you to navigate from one section to the next.  Feel free to reach out to support to answer any questions you may have.

Or ask your own question:

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