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Michael has always been fascinated at how sales and marketing work together to grow a business. He studied marketing in college and interned at a number of advertising agencies before a promising job offer re-directed his career into sales. Since then, Michael has served every role, from frontline rep to sales leader to business owner himself.

His love of freedom and entrepreneurial spirit led Michael to found an online travel company that brought him across four continents and into one of the largest tech accelerators in New York City. Michael has built multiple sales teams of his own – as well as consulted dozens of clients on how to do the same – and grown products from zero to seven figures in a matter of months.

Today, Michael leverages this knowledge to bridge the gap between the sales and marketing teams here at Direction Inc. and advises our clients on how to refine their marketing strategies to get the most out of their sales teams.

What's he doing after work?

When Michael is not collecting stamps on his passport, he loves exploring the great outdoors. And Texas Hill Country provides the perfect backdrop to do just that! On the weekends, you can find him fly fishing, shooting his bow at the archery range, or on horseback living out his childhood dream of being a cowboy.

It’s part love of nature and part a desire to be closer to his food source. Cooking has always been a creative outlet for Michael. He loves meeting the local producers at farmer’s markets and nearby ranches to learn where his food comes from and then bringing their ingredients home to create something of his own.