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A Message From Alvarez IT

“Direction Inc. stood out for the description of their approach and their go-to market approach. They were very specific in what they would do and that was what we were looking for. They met all of the criteria.

The pricing seemed right where we wanted it to be. Between the price point and their business model, Chris (CEO) at Direction has it in a pretty good spot.”

Marc Alvarez, President of Alvarez LLC
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The Story of Alvarez IT

Alvarez IT was founded in 2004 by the honorable Everett Alvarez, Jr., retired USN Commander, and is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVO/SB). Alvarez IT provides information technology products and services to the Federal Government to enhance performance capabilities in a broad range of industries. In their 15 year tenure, they have established many long term relationships built on a foundation of integrity, commitment, and performance.

Alvarez IT approached us to redesign and redevelop their WordPress website with the goal of improving the user experience, building a more effective backend, and meeting government regulations for their industry. User experience design was the most crucial element for our design team on this project, as the layout would play a considerable role in the immediate and ongoing success of their company. 

Alvarez IT website redesign
Alvarez IT WordPress Website Redesign

The Challenge

Alvarez IT knew they were navigating a challenging territory when they enlisted our services. They informed us that they were at risk of losing their government contracts because their website had fallen out of compliance with the newest guidelines. Our website design team had to explore this stringent territory to devise a solution that would enable Alvarez IT to maintain their existing federal contracts by researching and applying these protocols with exact precision. 

Moreover, Alvarez IT’s current website wasn’t responsive across various devices, which limited their ability to appeal to major audiences. This greatly impacted the user experience and was something they were adamant about correcting. 

Ultimately, we were tasked with redesigning their digital image and reassessing regulations to be compliant in an industry that offers little to no room for error. 

The Solution

The first need that our UX/UI design team addressed was creating a sitemap that was compliant with government regulations and responsive across all devices. On the backend, we only included advanced plugins that fulfilled these needs and enabled Alvarez IT’s sales team to catalog intake forms for immediate targeting and future retargeting. As a major aspect of their business model is nurturing lasting relationships with their clientele, we also needed to include data management systems that offered detailed information on clients and leads so their team could start each contract with accurate and actionable data. 

To further support the newly implemented guidelines, we also included Accessibility Adjustments across their site. This proved significant as a great number of their clients come from a military background.

The Impact

Alvarez IT’s newly designed website fulfilled their regulatory needs and created a much more attractive user experience across all responsive devices, ultimately, improving their ability to convert leads. Moreover, the new design features modernized their brand, which improved their narrative and identity for this arena. The content writing spoke to their core values – commitment, integrity, and performance – placing these at the forefront along with their service offerings. With their assistance, we simplified their procurement process to make vital information more accessible to their users. 

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