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Heating up Organic Traffic Through SEO & Web Design

The Story of Beaufort Heating & Air

Beaufort Heating & Air Conditioning is an HVAC service company serving South Carolina home and business owners with timely and affordable HVAC repair, maintenance, and more. 

The company had been operating in the area for nearly 30 years and had built a solid reputation as a trusted and reliable contractor among its customers. 

Despite their reputation among their existing customer base, they didn’t have the visibility online that they thought they deserved, and their acquisition of new customers was slower than they liked. They turned to Direction to help them modernize their website and generate new leads online.

The Challenge

Beaufort Heating & Air Conditioning had been in business for over 30 years, and their website was a testament to that. We needed to provide them with a new site that met the expectations of modern users as well as the search engine algorithms.

Beaufort’s problem was one that many business owners face in the digital age. Despite being leaders in their industry and their local area, Google and other search engines were favoring modern websites that offered users a better experience.

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The Solution

We built a brand-new, lightning-fast website optimized for user experience and search engine visibility. We loaded to the new site with content that targeted their desired markets and included a blog with resourceful information about heating and air equipment and maintenance for their visitors.

Through a strategic partnership with, we were able to implement an online HVAC air filter and unit replacement part store onto the website, enabling our client to make more money, and provide residents of South Carolina with auto-recurring shipments of air filters monthly!

We continue to update the website, blog and social media channels, earning the website organic search real estate for valuable industry keywords.

The Results

2,075% Return on Investment

We setup a custom reporting dashboard with website phone call tracking for our client. Organically, generating, on average, 77 calls/month. But that’s not all, we also generate, on average, 10 website contact form service requests – averaging a total of 87 leads each month organically.

According to, as seen above, the average cost-per-lead in the HVAC industry is $250-$300. By working with, Beaufort Heating & Air Conditioning receives HVAC leads for 95% less than their competition.

Beaufort Heating & Air Conditioning 4
32 Google My Business Calls - 1 Month
Beaufort Heating & Air Conditioning 5
45 Organic Website Calls - 1 Month

Today, Beaufort Heating & Air Conditioning has a website that better reflects its position in the market and earns new leads and sales every day online. What used to be a reputable local contractor has become a regional powerhouse.

Search any of the terms on the right in Google, and you’ll see for yourself that our client shows up in the #1 spot organically for 14 search terms, outranking big players such as Yelp, Angie’s List & Home Advisor.

With these rankings, our client was able to drop all other lead sources, significantly increasing business revenue, and overall growth.

These days, it’s not enough to be a hard-working, trustworthy, and reputable contractor. While it’s a necessary foundation for building a successful business, you need to go the extra mile if you want to grow your organization. That’s exactly what Beaufort did.

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