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About Beauty Spot Medspa

Beauty Spot Medspa is a women’s health spa owned and operated by Dr. Tessa Modiri and specializing in great skin and muscle care. Their top-selling services are botox, neck muscle tightening, threading, chemical peels, and lip injections. 

Beauty Spot Med Spa enlisted our software services in January 2022 after launching a new website with revamped branding. 

Dr. Modiri’s immediate goals for her Local SEO campaign was to boost organic search visibility for her business, solidify brand awareness, and increase customer engagement through her local profiles. 

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Local SEO Software

Beauty Spot Medspa had a limited marketing budget when they first contacted us, because the bulk of their budget was allocated for rebranding and a new website. Being that they couldn’t commit to a comprehensive SEO campaign, we encouraged they subscribe to Direction Local, our local SEO software for small businesses based in the U.S. and Canada, which is only $60/month. 

Our software is perfect for business owners with little knowledge in search engine optimization (and who might also be working with a tight marketing budget or a small marketing team). Moreover, Direction Local also produces great organic search results regardless if a business has engaged in an SEO campaign prior to joining, which is the case with Beauty Spot Medspa. Though they only rank for few keywords in organic search (reported by Ahrefs), their local keyword rankings, such as “botox near me” far outpace their competition in the Bel Air, Maryland area. 

The reason for this, is that there are different ranking factors for local businesses versus businesses trying to rank in national and international search results (which are most often supported by content creation and link building). Direction Local not only optimizes for all of these local ranking factors, but it also streamlines results so our Superusers can benefit from their investment in just a few short weeks.

Local Listings For
Beauty Spot Medspa Bel Air

It only takes 10 minutes to create a Direction Local location and sync with our partner directory network, which covers websites that 97% of U.S. consumers use on a monthly basis. All in all, there are over 125 directories included in our network — based on your subscription tier and industry/niche, our software will sync your business data with the most relevant directories that will drive new and repeat customers to your business.

In the case of Beauty Spot Medspa, they subscribed to our Local Business Package, which submits data to the most popular voice search technologies, select social networks, maps apps, search engines, and reviews sites via 2-way API sync.

Beauty Spot Med Spa Local Listings

Beauty Spot Medspa Has Benefited From The Following Local Search Gains

Beauty Spot Med Spa Local Falcon Rankings

1. Top 3 Local Map Rankings

When Beauty Spot Medspa Bel Air joined Direction Local in January 2022, they were not ranking in the top 3 positions for significant keywords, such as “botox near me,” and “health spa Bel Air” — search terms that would drive a significant amount of customers to their location.

So, when setting up their Direction Local profile, they included the keyword terms they want to be found for, as well as including business categories for increased visibility and relevancy in Google’s search engine.

Today, 3 months after sign-up, they are ranking in the top 3 positions when users search these terms within a 9 mile radius of their location — with position 1 rankings in well over a dozen zip codes.

Click here to view the full local search report generated by Local Falcon.

2. More 5-Star Customer Reviews

One of the most critical local ranking factors is the quantity and quality of reviews a local profile displays. In short, the more 5-star reviews a profile has, the more likely they are to rank in the top 3 results.

As more customers vouch for the quality of a business by leaving positive feedback, Google in turn drives more traffic to their website and storefront, since they can confidently label them a good resource for users to engage with.

All in all, Beauty Spot Medspa has 206 reviews across their directory network — 45 of which have been received in the past 4 months (averaging more than 10 new reviews every month since joining Direction Local).

Of the 45 new reviews, 42 have a 5-star sentiment.

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Beauty Spot Medspa Local Search Results

3. Increased Customer Engagement

Now that Beauty Spot Medspa is ranking in the top 3 local positions for various keyword searches, they have seen a massive spike in customer engagement.

In the past month (March 13, 2022 – April 11, 2022), Beauty Spot Medspa’s Google Business Profile saw the following engagement:

  • 5.2k Google Search Impressions (17.9k since January 2022)
  • 1.5k Google Maps Impressions (5.5k since January 2022)
  • 23 Requests for Driving Directions (106 since January 2022)
  • 565 Website Visits (1.8k since January 2022)
  • 63 Phone Calls (160 since January 2022)
  • 15.9k Photo Impressions (47.1k since January 2022)
  • 6.1k Direction, Discovery, and Branded Searches (21.5k since January 2022)

Supercharge Your Local Online Presence

Beauty Spot Medspa Bel Air has seen immense Local SEO results since joining Direction Local in January 2022 — and all for $60/month.

We can do the same for your business. 
Get in touch with our Local SEO experts to schedule a free demo of our software, and see how we can boost your online presence in just a few short months!

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