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Concealed Coalition

Concealed Coalition is a national brand that provides U.S. residents access to online and in-person concealed carry permit certification classes, training courses, gun laws guides, and more. 

They enlisted our services in March 2021 to compete in a highly competitive space. Their goal for the campaign was to solidify brand presence and accumulate high volumes of organic search traffic for high-intent keyword phrases.

Their long term vision is to build an organic presence that will overtake their need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on ad space. While this is still in progress, the immediate results of their SEO campaign are profound, and most certainly setting them off on a path to achieve this goal.

Concealed Coalition Homepage

Campaign Strategy

Our strategy for Concealed Coalition’s SEO campaign was focused heavily on content creation and link building (both internal and backlinks). After analyzing their primary competition, it was clear that we needed to build an informational hub that would educate users on state reciprocity, gun laws, and concealed carry rights. We also needed to publish ancillary content to continually engage and educate their audience while this massive 50 page content cluster was developed.

Concealed Coalition 1

Content Creation

50 State Reciprocity Maps

Every month, we produced a total a 5 state reciprocity pages and 4 high-value blogs. 

The state reciprocity pages were the main focus of our content strategy. These massive pages are 3,000+ words in total and include guides on gun laws, reciprocity agreements between states, concealed carry acquisition processes, and more.

More importantly, the reciprocity maps that we created for each page are dynamic, so users can navigate to any state reciprocity page from any state reciprocity map. Not only did this enhance the user experience, but it also inter-linked all state reciprocity pages, creating a cluster of high-value content that search engines love.

Campaign Results for Concealed Coalition

Organic Growth on the Subdomain

Our content strategy was completed following a migration to a subdomain in October 2021. In just a few short months, after submitting content for instant indexing by search engines, the subdomain was ranking for 2.3k keywords — 400 of which rank on the first page of Google

Ahrefs Subdomain Overview - October 2021

concealed coalition subdomain overview october 2021

Growth In Organic Traffic

concealed coalition monthly organic traffic

Ahrefs Subdomain Overview - April 2022

concealed coalition ahrefs domain overview

Growth In Keyword Rankings

Concealed Coalition 2

Organic Growth on the Root Domain

The majority of our content publication was focused on the subdomain. However, the CTAs across all 50 state reciprocity pages provide a path to the root domain where transactions are made. This correlation greatly boosted organic success on the root domain, which now ranks for over 9.6k keywordsan increase of 6k+ keywords in 9 months  — and generates over 5.8k organic monthly visitors. Moreover, our technical SEO improvements that were applied to every page on the root domain from the start of the campaign helped these webpages to be more discoverable and enticing to search engines, which is clear when looking at the highly competitive keywords these power pages now rank for.

Ahrefs Root Domain Overview - August 2021

concealed coalition root domain overview

Ahrefs Root Domain Overview - April 2022

concealed coalition ahrefs domain overview 2022

With our SEO strategy in place, Concealed Coalition is quickly excelling in organic search. Since January 2022, they have generated over 16k visits to their website and converted an estimated $50,000 in sales through organic visitors alone.

Moreover, every month, we’re seeing a massive increase in new keywords earned, many of which are ranking on page 1 of Google at the time of indexing.


Local SEO Software

To rapidly build local relevance in key states where Concealed Coalition converts most of their sales, we integrated their local profile data with our Local SEO tool, Direction Local. 

Our software uses API syndication to submit business data to hundreds of online directories — a network used by 97% of U.S. consumers. 

The impact this had on their Google Business Profile was profound, generating thousands of local impressions and hundreds of engagements every month.

Proven & Profitable SEO Campaigns

We custom tailor all of our SEO campaigns to our clients’ needs. Get in touch with our team to schedule a free consultation so we can discuss your business goals and derive an organic strategy that will enable you to dominate your market with results as profound as those generated for Concealed Coalition.

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