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Monark Home

Reflecting a Luxury Appliance Brand Through Premier Web Design

Monark Home’s Story

The kitchen is the heart of the home and is where most people spend the majority of their time in the house. It’s where friends gather and families join together. Monark Home recognized this and chose to focus their business on supplying customers with high-quality kitchen appliances that they can trust.

However, they began noticing that their site was losing traffic and didn’t have the same modern look and feel that their competitors’ sites did. To get their website back to where it should be, they turned to Direction to guide them.

The Challenge

Monark Home had a website that was functional, but outdated. We combed through each of their pages and analyzed them for SEO best practices as well as for design aesthetic. Our team needed to come up with a design that was optimal for continuing to drive traffic and funnel leads through Monark’s CRM, but that also looked modern and high-end.

The Solution

First, our team worked closely with the Monark Home crew to come up with a design that fit their brand and that gave customers a luxurious feel. We collaborated to come up with colors and a design that meshed well with their company vision. Next, our content writing team developed brand content that encaptured the soul of each of Monark Home’s premium brands and appliances. They then read through the current Monark blogs and ensured that each and every one of them was fully optimized for SEO best practices and for boosting user engagement. After the website launch, we partnered with Monark to ensure that their site was functioning perfectly. We secured the site and worked with them to adhere to ADA guidelines and to follow the accessibility protocol for the site.
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The Impact

Monark Home had a beautiful product to offer, but thanks to an older website, it was hidden and wasn’t showcased the way that it should have. By partnering with us at Direction Inc, we were able to craft a website that truly encompassed their brand and showcased what they had to offer in a clean, modern, and unique way.
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