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The Story of Sefas

Sefas is a B2B Customer Communications Management Company. Essentially, Sefas creates software that helps large-scale organizations such as banks and hospitals communicate with their thousands, sometimes millions of customers through bank statements and invoices. Their software ensures that customers’ unique information gets placed correctly and it sent to the correct person — no matter the channel.

Sefas is the US branch of a company called Docaposte that’s based in France. They had an outdated website that was difficult to navigate, and turned to Direction to create a sleek, modern website that would properly display their services and help them illustrate their bottom line.

The Challenge

Sefas’ current website was so outdated that they didn’t want anything resembling it. They wanted something entirely new and unique to showcase their services. We also had to organize the information in a way that was legible; their industry jargon is dense and specific, and we needed to create something clean and uncluttered. How could we simplify their informational hierarchy but keep them looking knowledgeable in their software space?

The Solution

Before we began the design, our team sat down with Sefas to figure out their goals for the website. We gained a thorough understanding of who they were in their space and what their visual goals were for their new website. We then solidified a site structure and presented them with a set of eight homepage mockups to choose from. 

Once they chose their mockup, we had a design language in place and were able to design the other pages modelled after the homepage. The process went smoothly, with us checking back in with Sefas to ensure that we were on the right track. Additionally, Sefas requested that we create a set of unique illustrations in order to visually portray their products.

The Illustrations

We sat down with their marketing director in order to get an idea of what should go in each illustration, and then we got to work. Our illustrator worked to create graphics that would display the unique, modern, and technological services that Sefas offered. The result was a set of nine unique illustrations that we later brought to life through SVG animation.

The Impact

We were able to successfully create a website design with longevity for Sefas to move forward with into the coming years. Sefas was incredibly pleased with their website and were excited to finally move away from their old aesthetic and into the future. They were able to share more information with potential clients and increase their conversion rate.

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