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Shred Cube

eCommerce WordPress Web Design & Development for a Brand-New Data Protection Product

The Story of Shred Cube

Shred Cube is a new retailer that sells a 100% unique physical product: a cube that plugs into your computer that has the ability to erase the files you select, along with all of their metadata. 

Shred Cube approached us while their company was still in the beginning stages of development. Their product was still in the prototyping phase, and they had almost no online presence besides a Facebook business account. 

We had the pleasure of building their online presence and brand from the ground up, using their logo and packaging as a springboard for their website.

The Challenge

Shred Cube had no visual brand guidelines, so we had to design their website using our professional expertise. They were coming to market with a pricier, albeit unique, product. We needed to create an online experience that would effectively demonstrate the value of their product and reflect its innovative qualities. As a result, the website needed to look slick while still retaining consumers and making sales. Additionally, we were looking at multiple eCommerce integrations in order to take full advantage of the eCommerce platform.

The Solution

From a design standpoint, we used the color of their packaging — green — and the black of their logo to determine a color palette for the site. We then designed the pages using a minimalist aesthetic to echo the minimalist design of the physical product. From a UX perspective, we implemented an FAQ page and multiple pages targeted at the professions and industries who would most benefit from using Shred Cube.
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Since this was a new product, many people hadn’t seen anything like it before and we anticipated many would inevitably have questions. 

At the same time as we were designing and building out the pages, we were also implementing the eCommerce functionality. By using Braintree Payment Gateway integrated with WooCommerce, we were able to have a checkout process that accepted multiple payment methods and currencies. We then integrated WooCommerce with Shred Cube’s shipping fulfillment center and e-mail client to create a comprehensive eCommerce ecosystem.

SEO Strategy

Of course, creating a well-designed and fully-functioning eCommerce website for Shred Cube wasn’t enough to drive the volume of product purchases they were hoping for. To do that, we crafted an SEO strategy based on detailed keyword research to attract visitors to the website who would likely be in need of a product like Shred Cube. 

For our initial SEO strategy, we created in depth industry-specific content that talked about the Shred Cube within the context of a particular field. This way, users could understand how Shred Cube was relevant to their business needs and how the product could fit into the daily routine.

The Impact

The result of our efforts was a beautiful, innovative website for an equally innovative product. On the front end, the website was clear, easy to navigate, and informative. It spoke to consumers about the value of Shred Cube and gave insights to the company and its founders. From a back-end perspective, plugins and functionalities were seamlessly linked to give Shred Cube’s employees the most accurate and up-to-date data about their sales, and allow them to fulfill orders in the easiest way possible.

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