Southeastern Telehealth Resource Center

WordPress Design & Development to Advance Telemedicine Programs

The Story of Southeastern Telehealth Resource Center

Southeastern Telehealth Resource Center’s mission is to instill a mindset of action to support existing and emerging health networks in the region through technical assistance programs. Their jurisdiction covers Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina where they provide education and technical assistance to rural health care providers, facilities, and organizations.

To fully deliver on their promise, Southeastern Telehealth Resource Center (SETRC) needed a functioning website that could moderate a massive influx of data. They enlisted our WordPress design services to develop a new website that would enable them to stay on the cutting edge and provide their network with the best service and experience possible.

The Challenge

Southeastern Telehealth Resource Center explained that they were struggling to deliver exemplary service to the region due to certain digital limitations. Their existing site was unorganized, which left vital information scattered or undiscoverable, ultimately, obstructing a quality user experience. KPIs were hard to navigate, and the inquiries that were submitted were often lost due to a disorderly site structure designed by previous developers. 

Moreover, the backend code of their website couldn’t be updated, which obstructed their ability for regular maintenance. Since pivotal elements of the site were not functioning at peak performance, the ability to compile and interpret important data submissions became more and more challenging. 

In addition to the obvious technical hurdles, SETRC requested an 8 week turnaround from redesign to development and launch.

The Solution

From a UX/UI standpoint, the answer to their problems was straightforward: restructure their website architecture to streamline their ability to serve the southeastern region. To achieve this, we first deconstructed their website, then reassembled the sitemap to centralize pages that exhibited the most value to the user. We prioritized user experience design to help transition visitors into customers, which included responsive design principles for a variety of devices. We also included Accessibility Adjustments into the layout so those with disabilities could navigate the site with ease.

On the backend, we revitalized their outdated code and repurposed vital elements with advanced plugins. These changes better equipped the SETRC team to organize data and maintain their website. Upon launch, we provided SETRC a detailed website tutorial, which we recorded and delivered for posterity. 

The Impact

Using detailed research to learn SETRC’s audience behavior, we designed and delivered a new WordPress website that allowed the healthcare providers, organizations, and facilities in their network to better access the information and technical assistance needed to service patients in the region. The improved backend greatly enhanced their ability to organize information, ultimately, enabling SETRC’s resource officers to support more communities uninterrupted. Perhaps the most significant outcome of this design project is the fact that they can now update their website! Delivering a user-friendly backend essentially returned power to their management team, who can now address day-to-day operations without needing outside assistance. And, yes, we delivered all of this on time within our 8 week deadline! 

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