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Sports Technology Labs specializes in the production and distribution of SARMs. Their product is tested by an American 3rd party laboratory for minimum 98% purity, the same standard used by laboratories, universities, and chemical suppliers around the world.

When Sports Technology Labs enlisted our services, they had been in business for roughly a year. Traffic to their website was lacking which was limiting their monthly order values. In short, they were failing to reach potential customers online because they did not have a good digital footprint. These were the hurdles we were tasked to overcome with a custom-tailored SEO Campaign.'s Custom-Tailored Strategy for Sports Technology Labs

Our SEO strategy involved content creation, proactive link building, and robust, ongoing technical SEO work

SEO Copywriting

The first hurdle we needed to overcome was educating Sports Technology Labs’ audience on the efficacy of their product while keeping content fresh, informative, and discoverable. 

Sports Technology Labs sells one product: SARMs. Given this limitation in topic variation, we needed to invest a lot of attention in understanding their customer’s pain points, while staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in order to keep their content relevant, engaging, and oriented to solving their problems.

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Since enlisting our service in January 2021, we have published 33 high-value, well-researched blog articles, which have helped us earn search engine rankings for some 2.3k keywords. Of these, 287 rank in the top 5 positions on Google and help to drive an estimated 11.5k monthly website visitors.

What’s even more exciting is that the keywords Sports Technology Labs dominate are of the highest value. According to Ahrefs, the value of their keywords rankings are estimated at $1.5k, meaning that a competitor would have to spend roughly $1.5k a month on ads for similar exposure — and these “ads” would not nearly generate as high of a click through rate.

Sports Technology Labs Ahrefs Overview
Sports Technology Labs Links Building

Proactive Link Building

An aggressive link building campaign was executed in conjunction with our content roadmap. Since January 2021, we have acquired 67 powerful backlinks pointing to their homepage and popular product pages.

This produced some immediate results, most notably:

  • increased URL authority for power pages
  • increased referral traffic from relevant sources
  • improved brand visibility and renown 
  • faster keyword rankings

By building relationships with publishers in the men’s health and fitness arena, we were able to produce a well-balanced backlink portfolio. Sports Technology Labs’ backlink distribution is 28.3% (625 backlinks from 177 domains). This metric is significant because it tells search engines that many (unrelated) entities are vouching for Sports Technology Labs products. Ultimately, this distribution is what has helped us to achieve such profound ranking results in just 15 months. 

Technical / On-Page SEO

Technical and On-page SEO is essential for any campaign to remain at peak efficiency. However, in the case of Sports Technology Labs, this was even more essential because their industry undergoes many legal changes that, if left unattended, can have disastrous effects on their website.

In the time we’ve worked with Sports Technology Labs, we’ve seen many of their competitor’s sites blacklisted by Google due to inaccurate/misleading health information. Because of this, we have to stay extremely vigilant in making sure their site (and their content) does not violate any legal standards.

Sports Technology Labs Technical SEO

Moreover, part of our technical SEO strategy was ensuring that only the most relevant pages are crawled and indexed by search engines. Our technical strategy has ensured that only the pages that need to be crawled and indexed are, and that all user data is secure.

Campaign Results for Sports Technology Labs

Organic Website Traffic

In December 2020, just one month before Sports Technology Labs enlisted our SEO expertise, their website was only generating 1k monthly visitors. As of May 2022, we have skyrocketed that metric to over 12k monthly visitors! When looking at the lifetime of their campaign, we have increased website visitors by 4,345% and sessions by 4,626%.

Sports Technology Labs organic traffic metrics
Sports Technology Labs User Visits

Product Orders and Monthly Revenue

As with all of our SEO campaigns, our focus is to increase our client’s ROI by enabling them to convert more leads through their website and local profiles. To this end, we delivered big time for Sports Technology Labs. 

In the first half of May 2022, Sports Technology Labs has logged as staggering $115.6k in online sales — almost $100k more than the previous year. This is further reflected in the amount of products their selling each month. In the first half of May 2022, they have sold over 1,000 more products than they did the previous year. 

Sports Technology Labs Net Revenue
Sports Technology Labs Product Orders

Ready to work with

We have helped Sports Technology Labs take their business to the next level. And with our campaign still in motion, there’s no limit to what we can achieve. 

We can do the same for your business. Schedule a discovery call with an SEO expert to discuss your business goals and start a digital marketing campaign that will transform the way you win customers.

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