Spyglass Realty.

Local SEO for a Real Estate Agency in Austin, TX.

Spyglass Realty is a real estate firm in Austin, Texas that specializes in luxury living and high-end properties.

They have access to some of the most desired neighborhoods in Austin, and their expert knowledge of the local market ensures that they can find the perfect property for every client.

Spyglass Realty Local SEO campaign

Local SEO Campaign Overview.

Spyglass Realty became a Direction Local member in July 2022 with the goal of becoming the top-rated real estate agency in local searches throughout Austin, Texas. They chose Direction Local because of our powerful directory network, sophisticated data submission system, and ability to manage all of their customer feedback on a central dashboard. 

Below is an overview of their local marketing campaign and successes from using Direction Local. 

Better Maps Visibility.

In 3 short months, Spyglass Realty expanded their local maps rankings to a wider geographic area. 

The increase in overall visibility means that when more customers search for realtors in Austin, TX, they’re much more likely to find Spyglass Realty as a top result. 

Today, when you search “realtors near me” in Austin, you’ll find Spyglass Realty as a top result in Google’s Map Pack. 

new local rankings for Spyglass Realty
Spyglass Realty 1

More Google Impressions.

Spyglass Realty’s visibility on Google nearly doubled from July to August — just 1 month after creating an account on Direction Local. 

In July 2022, they had 3,621 search impressions, compared to 6,831 in August 2022.

Similarly, they increased from 2,115 maps impressions in July to 5,733 in August.  

Increased Engagement.

Another major win for Spyglass Realty was the number of interactions on their Google Business Profile. 

From July to August 2022, they saw 2x the number of requests for driving directions and double the number of clicks to their website (from 119 to 261 clicks).

Spyglass Realty Customer Engagement
Spyglass Realty 2

More Image Searches.

The real estate industry relies heavily on photography to communicate the value of their listings. It was awesome seeing Spyglass Realty dominate image searches just 1 month after launching Direction Local.

As we can see, Spyglass Realty’s visibility in image searches on Google experienced a massive uptick from July to August 2022 — going from 4,328 to 8,780!

More Google Queries.

The success of Spyglass Realty’s Local SEO campaign can be summarized by the number of customers to find their Google Business Profile through local search. 

From July to October 2022, Spyglass Realty was discovered 30.9k times.

As we can see the majority of this discovery is driven by indirect queries, meaning a customer found their organization by searching for the services they offer, their business category, or their specified keywords.

Spyglass Realty 3

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Direction Local equips local businesses with everything they need to reach their target audience and increase sales leads. If Spyglass Realty’s early successes in local search excites you as much as it does us, then get in touch with one of our Local SEO Experts for a free demo of Direction Local.

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