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Warrior Centric Health

When Veteran Care is the Focus, Website and Marketing Matters

The Story of Warrior Centric Health

Warrior Centric Health is an organization dedicated to conquering the veteran health crisis and providing equal health care to different groups in the United States. They recognize that there is a disparity in care across populations, and created a program to help reduce that.

Warrior Centric Health is a newly created program, and they recognized the importance of having a website to showcase their product. They turned to Direction to create a website that explains their mission while bringing in new partners to the program.

The Challenge

Warrior Centric Health didn’t have a website at all when they came to us for help with their design. They needed something simple and clean that could explain a great deal of information in an easy to understand and engaging way. And, they needed a site that would help them bring in new hospital networks as partners for their mission.

The Solution

Before we began the design, our team sat down and went over who WCH was and what their vision for the site was so that we could get a clearer idea of how to best capture the core of what they do. We worked with them to create a sitemap so that we had a foundation for building out the site.

Next, our design team collaborated with Warrior Centric Health to create a colorful, clean, and well-organized design. They made sure that each of the pages from the sitemap was built out in a way that created a consistent aesthetic across the entire site.

After the website launch, we worked to optimize the site and its content so that WCH would have a good jumping-off point for beginning to drive traffic to their site and create new partnerships with hospital networks.

The Impact

Warrior Centric Health was able to launch without a hitch. Their new site has helped them organize data and easily deliver information to clients in a single location. It’s also given clients a chance to learn more about the company after their initial meeting with (WCH)®

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