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What can I do in the Accounts tab?

What can I do in the Accounts tab?

Our software can be adapted to meet the needs of your company.

For example, you can create separate accounts for different brands or divide accounts between sales regions. This way, users of the software will have different roles and access rights depending on where they work within the company.

You can see what users are able to do in the Accounts sidebar and tab below:

Accounts Sidebar:

Add An Account

This is where you can create a new account. The information provided is just for your internal use and will not be published. This is only available for Multi-Account-Mangers and Administrators.

Export A List of Accounts

This option allows you to download the list of all accounts in an .xls file, and it will consider any selected filters, such as status and number of locations.

Contract & Account Status Information

You can filter according to Active or Inactive accounts and use this for refining the search or exporting only certain accounts.

Accounts Tab:

Invoice Address & Contact Information

For your internal use, no invoice will be created by the system.

User Rights

An overview of the users and their assigned roles.

Number of Locations within the account

This section specifies how many locations under this account are active. Once you click on the number, you are redirected to the next tab (Locations), and you can find more details about it here‍‍.

Product Plan

The Product Plan currently applied for the account and scheduled/planned changes will be noted here.

Change Plan

Possibility to change the plan if another plan is available.


Starts immediately, with the new subscription replacing the old potentially changing duration and end date (if end date according to the new plan is after the current end date).


Starts after the first subscription is finished with the new plan and duration.

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