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Working with customer feedback

1. What is the turnaround time for us to receive data related to Customer Feedback?

Our platform reflects the feedback as soon as it is made available to us via api from the directory. However, Insights, Clicks and Views often experience a delay of up to 5 days on Google. As soon as Google makes the data available, we will reflect the information in your Customer Feedback dashboard.

2. Is it possible to answer reviews on HolidayCheck, TripAdvisor and Yelp directly on our platform?

For HolidayCheck and TripAdvisor: 

The respective locations are connected to the directories and are able to receive the reviews, although these can’t get answered through our platform yet. The user must click on “Show original” right below the comment to respond on the corresponding directory. 

For Yelp: 

If the location is connected to Yelp, it is possible to reply from the Direction Local Inbox. Otherwise, the same as for TripAdvisor and HolidayCheck applies.

3. When I log into the platform, why can’t I see any reputation management features?

There are 3 reasons why this could be happen:

  1. The reputation management module is not part of your contract. If this is the case please reach out to our support team or your Sales contact.
  2. Your user role does not have access to the related features. To modify this, contact your administrator to receive the correct permission; should you be the administrator, contact our support team.
  3. If there are no locations in your profile, you will not be able to see the functionalities of the reputation management module (Customer Feedback and Publish tabs).

4. I have added the reputation management module for some of my locations. Why do I see a message that tells me to upgrade if I want to publish more than one post?

This may happen if only some of your locations have this part of the product in their plan. When you log in as an Admin user, you will see this message when clicking on ‘Publish’:

“Your product plan has limited access to the posting feature. You can only post News and Special Offers to the directories and have only one post scheduled at a time. Contact us to upgrade.”

In this case, you will need to access each location individually in order to see and use the “Publish” feature.

If you are an Account Manager or Multi-Account Manager, you can publish a posting to multiple locations at the same time. This will work if all of the locations have the ‘publish’ feature turned on.

However, if some of your locations have the ‘customer feedback’ feature turned on and some don’t, you might need to switch between different logins (users) or post individually for each location.

5. How long does it take for a new review on Google be shown in our platform?

Google sends us a notification when someone writes a new review. Then our system takes the review and puts it in our tool. The time it takes for a review to show up on our platform depends on when Google notifies us about the new review.

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