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How do I check rating history and trends from my customer reviews?

The Smart Insights feature will allow you to see the rating history for reviews and find out what is trending in your customer feedback.

The widgets are available on the Dashboard and also on an export file.

Reviews Analysis

  • Displays the list of top 100 words mentioned in reviews with the corresponding percentage and average rating of reviews containing that word.
  • The symbols ▲ or ▼ represent the variation for ‘Review %‘ and ‘Rating‘ compared to the previous period (same time range selected on the filters, e.g. 30 days, 12 months, etc).
  • Each row is clickable and redirects the user to the corresponding search on inbox (Customer Feedback tab), returning all reviews containing that word for a specific time window.

Nomadic Reviews Analysis

More insights into the Reviews Analysis widget:

  • Stemming: words starting with same 4 characters are grouped. For instance ‘Book’, ‘Booked’, ‘Booking’ are grouped inside ‘Book’.
  • Sorting asc/desc by ‘Review %’ and ‘Rating’.
  • Total is the number of reviews containing text and rating that were analyzed.
  • At least 2 reviews with text and rating are needed to return results.
  • A word has to be mentioned at least twice to be returned.
  • Blacklisting of non-meaningful words is done by language (location country language + english by default) for each review analyzed. 
  • Search, create and delete of words is supported.

Average Rating Activity

This widget presents a graph with the evolution of the average rating received in reviews for a certain time range selected.

Averagage Rating Activity

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