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How do I add or modify (single) location data?

Step 1

Go to the Locations tab and click on “Add location” on the top left.

Direction Local Add New Location

Step 2

To add the location to an existing account, select the relevant account from the drop-down.
To create a new account, mark the checkbox “Create a new account with the location data“.

New location account information

The ‘Location Identifier’ field is not mandatory, but we recommend you choose one to be able to change the location data for all of your locations with the import function.

location identifier DIrection Local

Step 3

When you save the changes you made to your data, a window will pop up. You can click on “Buy now” to confirm the location. Every new place that is created will be invoiced according to your contract terms and conditions.

Step 4

The new location is now created and you can review all the information you have provided.
To modify the data, update the field and click on “Save changes”.

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